Jeff Frankl

Editorial Experience Designer

Jeff Frankl is an editorial experience designer at ProPublica.

Previously, he worked at Azavea, where he was design lead for DistrictBuilder, an open-source redistricting tool, as well as civic technology projects involving voting information, environmental protection and disaster response; and he was a paralegal at Juvenile Law Center when it exposed the “Kids for Cash” judicial kickback scheme. He taught a software development class for city planners at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design.

He graduated from Haverford College with a degree in sociology.

Supreme Connections: Search Supreme Court Financial Disclosures

Find organizations and people that have paid the current justices, reimbursed them for travel, given them gifts and more.

Dairy Workers on Wisconsin’s Small Farms Are Dying. Many of Those Deaths Are Never Investigated.

OSHA sometimes investigates deaths on small farms if they provide housing to immigrant workers. Other times the agency says it can’t take action.

Wisconsin’s Dairy Industry Relies on Undocumented Immigrants, but the State Won’t Let Them Legally Drive

Undocumented immigrants in the state can own and register their vehicles, but they aren’t allowed to drive them, forcing many farm workers to risk fines and arrest. “It’s a Catch-22 for a lot of folks,” advocates say.

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Tracing the fallacy of 911 call analysis through the justice system, from Quantico to the courtroom.

How Jessica Logan’s Call for Help Became Evidence Against Her

After her baby died in the night, a young mother called 911. Police thought they could read her mind just by listening. Now she’s haunted by the words she chose.

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Search the full text of over 9.6 million tax filing documents going back as far as 2001.

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