Lydia DePillis


Lydia DePillis is a reporter in ProPublica’s Washington, D.C., newsroom. She covers trade and the economy in the lead up to the 2020 election.

How Trump’s Tariffs Are Creating Jobs — for Canadians

A tariff loophole lets companies ship small boxes across the border duty free. So the huge shipments are now heading to warehouses in Canadian and Mexican border towns, instead of the U.S.

Companies Are Using a Depression-Era Law to Escape Trump’s Tariffs — and It’s Costing Them

Tariffs are hurting U.S. companies’ bottom lines. Free Trade Zones, a 1930s rule which they can use to shield themselves from those costs, require expensive legal help. One Michigan manufacturer called it “a no-win situation.”

Everything You Need to Play Baseball Is Made in China — and Getting Hit by Trump’s Tariffs

Baseball is America’s pastime, but prices on its China-made gear are about to rise as the trade war escalates. Golf, lacrosse, basketball and other sports will feel the pinch, too.

Bibles but Not Textbooks: Trump’s Tariff Exemptions Pick Winners and Losers

Products won exemptions from the U.S. Trade Representative for “health, safety, national security and other factors,” but the criteria remain unclear.

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