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Vignesh Ramachandran is a former story producer at ProPublica, where he focused on digital production, visual storytelling, design and editorial workflow. Before he joined ProPublica, he was a founding member of the Stanford Computational Journalism Lab and managing editor of Bay Area local news startup Peninsula Press (in partnership with SFGate and KQED). As part of the Stanford Open Policing Project, he worked with an interdisciplinary team of journalists, researchers and social scientists to gather 130 million traffic stop records from more than 31 state police agencies. In 2017, the Stanford team published findings about a large-scale analysis of racial disparities in police stops, and the data was released for journalists’ use in their own local newsrooms across the country. He has also reported and written for NPR, The Marshall Project, OZY, Knight Foundation, Stanford Engineering, Mashable and NBC News Digital.

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