From her perch as The Washington Post's Beirut bureau chief, Liz Sly is on “the front lines of post-9/11 foreign policy,” ProPublica’s Eric Umansky says by way of introduction.

A foreign correspondent for more than two decades, Sly talks with Umansky and Senior Reporter Jesse Eisinger of ProPublica in this week’s podcast about a “new Golden Age of journalism” and her coverage of the Middle East.

Highlights include discussion of:

  • How the social media era raises the bar for providing value from a foreign bureau. (3:30)
  • The debate over the rise of ISIS: “This didn’t happen in isolation,” Sly says, noting that the West didn’t pay enough attention until ISIS fighters took control of Mosul. (7:07)
  • The reasons Sly, who is British, has worked all of her career for U.S. papers, which “have the edge of quality and depth over the British newspapers,” she says. (1:15)
  • How political and structural instability -- not Islam -- is the fundamental problem in the Middle East. (15:32)

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