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Why the Best Sports Stories Are Beyond the Field

Podcast: Sports Illustrated executive editor L. Jon Wertheim explains why the tradition of investigative sports reporting is stronger than it’s ever been.

Who’s Behind the “Tennis Racket?”

Podcast: BuzzFeed data reporter John Templon speaks with ProPublica about the BuzzFeed/BBC tennis match-fixing investigation that has rocked the sport.

How Did the Flint Water Crisis Happen?

Podcast: Flint Journal reporter Ron Fonger tells ProPublica editor-in-chief Stephen Engelberg how the city’s water crisis unfolded over nearly two years and what’s being done to fix it.

Why ProPublica Joined the Dark Web

ProPublica senior reporter Julia Angwin and news applications developer Mike Tigas explain why we launched a hidden version of our website.

Meet the People Taking on New York City Landlords

Podcast: ProPublica reporter Cezary Podkul speaks with Stephen Werner, the whistle-blower who exposed how New York landlords are swindling tenants on rent, and Ben Kallos, the city council member working to stop it.

Reporting Lessons From the Front Lines

Podcast: New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski talks about the most memorable moments from his career, including his work on the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal and his recent run-in with presidential candidate Donald Trump.

How Almost Getting Scooped Brought Two Competing Reporters Together

Podcast: ProPublica senior editor Joseph Sexton and The Marshall Project editor-in-chief Bill Keller talk about putting aside professional rivalry in service of an “unbelievable” story.

Is the DEA Stopping Narco-terror Threats or Staging Them?

Podcast: ProPublica senior reporter Ginger Thompson speaks with federal public defender Julia Gatto on how alleged links between drug trafficking and terrorism have a way of falling apart in court.

Jason Leopold vs. the United States

In a special live ProPublica podcast, VICE News reporter Jason Leopold shares tips for prying loose classified government documents using the Freedom of Information Act.

The Evolution of Editorial Design and Visual Storytelling

Podcast: Khoi Vinh, principal designer at Adobe and formerly of The New York Times, talks with ProPublica’s design director, David Sleight, about design’s role in the newsroom and beyond.

When Surgeons Multitask: The Little-Known Practice of Concurrent Surgeries

Podcast: Boston Globe reporters Jenn Abelson and Liz Kowalczyk talk to ProPublica’s Marshall Allen about their investigation into the hospital practice of booking two surgeries at the same time.

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The ProPublica Podcast is a weekly program featuring interviews with reporters about the latest investigations published by ProPublica.


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