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Doctors in Danger: How the Assad Regime is Targeting Syrian Physicians

Podcast: Ben Taub of the New Yorker describes the shadow network of doctors that has emerged out of the Syrian conflict.

Rough Passage: Reporters Find Abuse, Neglect and Death Aboard Private Prison Vans

Podcast: Eli Hager and Alysia Santo of the Marshall Project discuss their many months investigating the prison van industry.

How New Jersey Has Embraced ‘State-Sanctioned Loan-Sharking’ to Students

Podcast: ProPublica’s Annie Waldman talks about what makes New Jersey’s student loans so onerous.

From Captive to Captor: A Journalist’s Journey from Prisoner to Prison Guard

Podcast: Mother Jones reporter Shane Bauer goes undercover as a prison guard in Louisiana and finds a dark truth within himself.

Why Liberal New York City’s Schools Are Among the Nation’s Most Segregated

Podcast: Nikole Hannah-Jones of the New York Times Magazine talks about her piece on sending her young daughter to a segregated school.

How a Shootout on a Guatemalan Highway Opened Window to Corruption

Podcast: Our own Sebastian Rotella tells us about the challenges of reporting on corruption in violent and chaotic Guatemala.

Why Are Hate Crime Statistics So Poorly Tracked?

Podcast: Associated Press reporter Christina Cassidy tells us how she investigated the underreporting of hate crime statistics and what that means for victims.

Horror House on the Prairie: Hard Labor and Harsh Treatment for Group of Disabled Men in Iowa

Podcast: New York Times reporter Dan Barry tells us how he reconstructed a tale of exploitation and tragedy in his new book, ‘The Boys in the Bunkhouse’

How We Decided to Test Racial Bias in Algorithms

Podcast: Our reporters talk about how they uncovered racial bias in software used to predict future criminals.

How the NY/NJ Port Authority Misspent Millions in Federal Money Meant to Cut Air Pollution

Podcast: Six years ago, the two-state agency pledged to reduce emissions from trucks and accepted $35 million in federal dollars to do it. Today, it has little to show for the money it spent. Writer Max Rivlin-Nadler takes ProPublica’s Joaquin Sapien inside his Village Voice investigation.

Uncovering the Stark Disparities Behind School Money

Podcast: NPR reporter Cory Turner details his investigation into school spending inequities.

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