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MuckReads Podcast: Gawker’s John Cook on Why He’s No ‘Journalist’

An investigations editor says reporting doesn’t need labels – or grandiose packaging – to be interesting and informative.

MuckReads Podcast: Tom Robbins on His ‘Perry Mason Moment’

In part two of our conversation, tales from a long investigative journalism career, including a decision to break confidentiality.

MuckReads Podcast: Inside Attica with Tom Robbins

Robbins talks about his recent New York Times story, reporting on prisons, and getting the public to care about abuse of inmates.

Podcast: Reporting on Workers’ Comp

Michael Grabell on how the project began, and how many legislators don’t understand the ways rollbacks hurt workers.

Podcast: Protecting Your Health Data

Charles Ornstein and Julia Angwin on how hackers can use your information, and what you – and health care companies – should be doing to protect it.

Podcast: When Those We Report On Complain

Lessons from our point-by-point refutation of the Red Cross’ request for corrections, and Does Donald Trump Use Email?

Podcast: An Expert’s Take on a High-Profile ‘Suicide’ in Argentina

Sebastian Rotella on the death of a powerful Argentine prosecutor and the ways a long history of corruption stokes suspicions of foul play.

Podcast: Uber’s Dodgy Drunk Driving Study

Ryann Grochowski Jones discusses the flaws in Uber's recent drunk driving report.

Podcast: The Pentagon’s Failure to Find Long Lost Soldiers

Megan McCloskey discusses the latest development in her investigation into the Pentagon’s failing efforts to bring home America’s missing soldiers from World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

Podcast: Why Tracking Is Scarier With Zombie Cookies

Julia Angwin talks about her latest report on an advertising company using Verizon’s undeletable tracking number to respawn cookies that monitor mobile customers’ web browsing habits.

Podcast: The Horrifying Truth About Police Use of Flashbangs

Julia Angwin takes listeners inside her in-depth investigation into flashbangs, modified hand grenades that have injured or killed at least 50 Americans in police raids since 2000.

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The ProPublica Podcast is a weekly program featuring interviews with reporters about the latest investigations published by ProPublica.


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