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How a Shootout on a Guatemalan Highway Opened Window to Corruption

Podcast: Our own Sebastian Rotella tells us about the challenges of reporting on corruption in violent and chaotic Guatemala.

Why Are Hate Crime Statistics So Poorly Tracked?

Podcast: Associated Press reporter Christina Cassidy tells us how she investigated the underreporting of hate crime statistics and what that means for victims.

Horror House on the Prairie: Hard Labor and Harsh Treatment for Group of Disabled Men in Iowa

Podcast: New York Times reporter Dan Barry tells us how he reconstructed a tale of exploitation and tragedy in his new book, ‘The Boys in the Bunkhouse’

How We Decided to Test Racial Bias in Algorithms

Podcast: Our reporters talk about how they uncovered racial bias in software used to predict future criminals.

How the NY/NJ Port Authority Misspent Millions in Federal Money Meant to Cut Air Pollution

Podcast: Six years ago, the two-state agency pledged to reduce emissions from trucks and accepted $35 million in federal dollars to do it. Today, it has little to show for the money it spent. Writer Max Rivlin-Nadler takes ProPublica’s Joaquin Sapien inside his Village Voice investigation.

Uncovering the Stark Disparities Behind School Money

Podcast: NPR reporter Cory Turner details his investigation into school spending inequities.

How Milwaukee Landlords Figured Out How to Collect Rent and Not Pay Taxes

Podcast: Cary Spivak and Kevin Crowe of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel take ProPublica’s David Epstein inside their investigation of how landlords are gaming the system.

How Residents Get Ensnared by NYPD Nuisance Abatement Cases

Podcast: How New York Daily News reporter Sarah Ryley discovered that the NYPD was targeting minority neighborhoods in their enforcement of a law that can boot people from their homes and businesses

Uncovering the Fiction of ‘Farm to Table’ Food

Podcast: How a Tampa Bay Times food critic revealed that many 'locally sourced' restaurants were anything but.

Captive Labor and the Reporters Who Exposed an International Scandal

Podcast: Behind the scenes with the Associated Press reporters who found slavery on the high seas.

Meet the Panama Papers Editor Who Handled 376 Reporters in 80 Countries

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ Marina Walker Guevara joined our podcast, talking about how they handled such a big leak and why some big U.S. outlets passed.

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