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The Breakthrough: Meet the Reporter Who Went Undercover in the Hermit Kingdom

Author Suki Kim taught English at a boarding school for North Korea’s young elites. Here’s how she pulled it off.

The Breakthrough: The $2 Drug Test

We’re relaunching our podcast with a new format and new name, starting with three special episodes. This week: how ProPublica reporters discovered police departments nationwide use a $2 test for detecting drugs that can send innocent people to jail.

Introducing Our New Podcast: The Breakthrough

We’re relaunching our podcast with a new format and new name, starting with three very special episodes.

Renewable Energy: An Exxon Investigation Given Second Life as Trump Taps Exec for Cabinet

Podcast: Reporting by Inside Climate News will be required reading for lawmakers considering Exxon boss Rex Tillerson’s fitness to be the country’s next Secretary of State.

How We Found a Pro-Trump Group Blew Past Campaign Finance Laws

We talked with ProPublica reporter Robert Faturechi about America Comes First, which appears to have violated legal deadlines and caps on contributions.

What You Need to Know About Authoritarianism

Podcast: We spoke with Amanda Taub, who delved deep into the research on what prompts people to support authoritarian leaders.

How Journalists Need to Go Beyond Fact Checking Trump

Podcast: We spoke with political science professor Brendan Nyhan about President-Elect Trump's lies and how reporters should handle them.

How Journalists Need to Begin Imagining the Unimaginable

In this week’s podcast, journalist Masha Gessen, who spent years reporting from Putin’s Russia, shares her thoughts on what journalists should be on watch for with the incoming U.S. administration.

The Presidential Polls Weren’t As Wrong as the Interpreters

Podcast: A senior writer for the FiveThirtyEight website argues the polls picked up evidence the race would be close -- but many people just didn’t believe it.

After Electionland: How it Worked, What We Found and What’s Next

Podcast: Electionland, an unprecedented effort to cover ballot access issues in real time, launched on November 8th. Today we talk with a few of the key players from ProPublica about what it was like reporting from one of the largest newsrooms in the country on Election Day.

Inside ‘Electionland’: Tracking Voting Problems in Real Time

Podcast: ProPublica and Univision reporters share which barriers to the ballot they’re seeing during this election.

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