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Quick Picks: An Earmark Tale by the Brothers Gregg

Quick Picks focuses on a select few of the day’s stories from “Breaking on the Web.”

  • The Obama administration will move to overturn a Bush-era rule that allowed health care workers to deny family-planning services and counseling to patients if such services conflicted with their moral beliefs, according to the Chicago Tribune. ProPublica followed the midnight regulation’s progress through its last-minute finalization.
  • Why was Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH), President Obama’s former pick for commerce secretary, so keen to earmark funding for the defunct Pease Air Force Base? Perhaps because he had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the office park his brother built there, the AP reports. The senator said nothing he did was illegal, but the senator had certified, as new earmark disclosure rules require, that none of his earmarks monetarily benefited him or his immediate family.

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Given this information I feel that Judd Gregg should be asked to resign. I would think that this should be enough information to warrant an investigation into all of his activities.

Is this Where Greggs ‘Tax issue’ also stems from? Or is this just another facet to Mr.Gregg coming to light?
On the health care front- How can a patient have control over their health decsions if they are only presented a limited number of option by med professional who have their own moral ideas interjected into the equation. What use is it if I have a choice of Docs, but no choices once I am under their care? I don’t care if I am required to see only particular Docs, as long as I am given the full range of options when it comes to my care & health decisions, with all pertinent information being related to me so that I may be able to make an informed decision.If I wanted limited Scientific knowledge or Technology to guide my care, I’d move to a third world country, where poverty and religious ideologies assure the masses get whatever the ruling class decides.
Give me a Well educated medical sector who’s aim is to provide the best care possible and also adhere to patients rights to self determination/dignity and I don’t care which Doc I see.