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A Washington Special Education School Accused of Abusing Students Is Closing Amid Scrutiny

The state’s investigation of Northwest SOIL, a private program serving public school students, was prompted by reporting from The Seattle Times and ProPublica that uncovered accusations about staff restraining and injuring vulnerable students.

Reporting From the Northwest

Our Northwest hub covers Washington, Idaho, Alaska and Oregon. The six-person reporting team includes three Local Reporting Network Distinguished Fellows and is committed to partnering with local media.


For Alaska Families, Questions Remain About Unsolved Deaths and “Suicides”

Local law enforcement said there was only one official unsolved killing in Kotzebue, Alaska. Many residents suspect otherwise.

Broken Promises

9 Times the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Miscalculated Badly at the Expense of Taxpayers, Wildlife

The agency has a history of diving into big construction projects that exceed projected costs, fall short on projected benefits and, in some cases, create new problems that engineers hadn’t bargained for.


One Woman Died on an Alaska Mayor’s Property. Then Another. No One Has Ever Been Charged.

Before they died, Jennifer Kirk and Sue Sue Norton were both victims of domestic violence, but the men involved — the ex-mayor’s sons — faced few consequences despite a long history of similar allegations.

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ProPublica is supporting local and regional newsrooms as they work on important investigative projects affecting their communities. Some of our past and present partners in the region:

Anchorage Daily News
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High Country News
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The Seattle Times
Seattle, Washington

“Killing Salmon to Lose Money”

Many endorse opening dams and letting fish coast the natural current as the best way to avoid extinction. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has other ideas.

Idaho Banned Abortion. Then It Turned Down Supports for Pregnancies and Births.

Since the overturn of Roe v. Wade, the state’s GOP-led Legislature has disbanded a maternal mortality committee, failed to expand postpartum Medicaid coverage and turned down federal grants for child care.

Anchorage City Commissioner Charged With Fraudulently Obtaining $1.6 Million in COVID-19 Relief Funds for Her Charity

Despite a history of fraud allegations, Rosalina Mavaega and her husband received one of the city’s largest awards under the American Rescue Plan Act. Prosecutors say the couple spent the funds buying cryptocurrency and on other personal uses.

Idaho creó un fondo de $25 millones para reparar escuelas en mal estado. ¿Por qué nadie lo utiliza?

Hace aproximadamente una década, un distrito escolar acudió al estado en busca de fondos para reparar sus edificios en ruinas y obtuvo una fracción de lo que pidió. Desde entonces, ningún otro distrito ha hecho siquiera una solicitud.

The Cleanup of Seattle’s Only River Could Cost Boeing and Taxpayers $1 Billion. Talks Over Who Will Pay Most Are Secret.

The company once described the Duwamish, one of the country’s most contaminated waterways, as “a natural collector” for its wastes. The Port of Seattle and Boeing accuse each other of failing to pay their fair shares for the cleanup.

Biden Administration Commits $200 Million to Help Reintroduce Salmon in Columbia River

Dams had blocked salmon’s passage, driving them toward extinction and violating tribal fishing rights. The money will fully fund Native tribes’ plans to bring fish back to the region.

Idaho Created a $25 Million Fund to Fix Unsafe Schools. Why Is Nobody Using It?

About a decade ago, one school district went to the state for money to fix its crumbling buildings. It got a fraction of what it asked for. Since then, no other district has even applied.

A Washington Special Education School That Was Accused of Harming Kids Is Now Barred From Taking New Students

A state investigation into Northwest SOIL, launched following a Seattle Times and ProPublica series that highlighted problems at the school, found “unacceptably high” use of physical restraints and isolation rooms.

Anchorage Gave Her a $1.6 Million Grant Despite Prior Fraud Allegations. Now She’s Under Investigation Again.

Despite a history of fraud allegations, Rosalina Mavaega was made an Anchorage city commissioner and given a large grant to support her homeless services charity. Federal investigators are looking into her business dealings.

Library Official Resigns After Publication of Her Secretly Recorded Inflammatory Comments

Judy Eledge, deputy director of the Anchorage Public Library, is leaving her post after ProPublica and the Anchorage Daily News documented her history of offensive comments and social media posts about Native Alaskans and the LGBTQ+ community.

Washington State Legislature Strengthens Oversight of Private Special Education Schools

In response to a Seattle Times and ProPublica series, the state is getting more power to regulate schools for students with disabilities.

Techos colapsados, baños sin servicio, salones inundados: dentro de las escuelas peor financiadas del país

Idaho gasta menos en escuelas por estudiante que cualquier otro estado. Los niños sudan, se hielan y se les dificulta aprender.

In Secret Recording, a Top City Library Official Calls Alaska Natives “Woke” and “Racists”

Despite Judy Eledge’s history of inflammatory comments and social media posts, Alaska’s governor has awarded her public money and a national role. What’s more, city and state agencies meant to protect Alaskans’ civil rights have been hamstrung.

Ayúdenos a informar sobre las deterioradas escuelas públicas de Idaho

El Idaho Statesman y ProPublica quieren enterarse de las condiciones dentro de las escuelas del estado.

Idaho: Help Us Show Readers and Officials Issues With Your School Building

The Idaho Statesman and ProPublica are reporting on poor conditions in school buildings. We need your stories and photos to show how the issues affect students and staff.

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    Since the overturn of Roe v. Wade, the state’s GOP-led Legislature has disbanded a maternal mortality committee, failed to expand postpartum Medicaid coverage and turned down federal grants for child care.


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