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Marcus Stern

Marcus Stern

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Marcus Stern was a reporter at ProPublica. Previously, he had worked for Copley News Service in Washington, D.C. since 1983. In 2006, he shared the Pulitzer Prize and George Polk Award for his role in breaking the story of former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham's wide-ranging corruption. Stern has also reported extensively from Iraq and other conflict zones. He spent most of the 1990s covering immigration issues for Copley.


Rocky Road Ahead for DREAM Act

After failing to win comprehensive immigration reform, immigration proponents are now hoping to use the lame-duck session to snag an 11th-hour consolation prize: the DREAM Act.

The New Democrats: The Coalition Pharma and Wall Street Love

The lobbyist-funded New Democrat Coalition uses the Republican playbook to bolster business interests in Congress.

Is your member of Congress a New Democrat?

We've pulled together a quick cheat sheet with some basic information about each of the group's 69 member's district, voting record and campaign funders.

Voices: Should Local Police Enforce Immigration Laws?

Director John Morton Explains ICE’s Priorities on Deportation

Administration Takes Steps That Will Reduce Deportation Risk for Many Undocumented Immigrants

The Obama administration's immigration enforcement strategy is reducing the threat of deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants.

Obama Administration Considers Bypassing Congress on Immigration Reform

Leaked memo shows that the Obama administration is considering bypassing Congress to get immigration reform.

Lobbyists and Lawmakers Bond During Springsteen Concerts

Congressmen hold fundraisers in skyboxes rented from groups with business before their committees.

Congressional Fundraising Stays Out of the Limelight at Super Bowl

Game-day parties given by congressmen were kept out of public view -- if they were held at all.

Which Pols Are Heading to the Super Bowl and Other Results of ProPublica’s Super Bowl Blitz

Which lawmakers are going to the Super Bowl? Who's not? The results of ProPublica's Super Bowl Blitz.

Lobbyists Help Smooth the Way for a Tax Break for Foreign Rum Maker

London-based Diageo, with help on K Street, stands to make billions by moving rum production from Puerto Rico to the Virgin Islands.

Super Bowl Blitz Focuses on Members of the Taxing and Spending Committees

When Is a ‘No’ Really a ‘No’

Judiciary Chairman Conyers to Host Super Bowl Fundraiser

For $5,000, supporters of John Conyers can get a ticket to the big game and lunch with the congressman.

Pass Super Bowl Tips to ProPublica

Leadership PAC Tracker

How much did your congressman's Leadership PAC raise, and where did that money go?

Leadership PACs: Let the Good Times Roll

Despite reforms, a big loophole still lets lobbyists treat lawmakers to high-priced recreation.

Video: The Campaign Finance Experts on Leadership PACs

Leadership PACs provide lobbyists and other donors with a back door for contributing to members of Congress.

Drug Store Chain Releases Some Details About Its Transaction With Rep. Mike Ross

A statement from USA Drug tells how much it paid a congressman and his wife for their business, but doesn't explain how they arrived at the price.

Rep. Mike Ross Responds to ProPublica-Politico Investigation of Pharmacy Sale

The Arkansas congressman, a figure in the health care debate, defends his family's deal with a drug store chain.
Marcus Stern

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