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Thank You, From the Bottom of Our Hearts

We did it!! Thanks to you, we reached our Kickstarter goal and raised $22,000 to hire an intern for the fall to help us cover the intern economy. Now, the fun really begins.

Senator Asks States If They Alert Medicare to Problem Physicians

Citing a ProPublica investigation, Iowa Republican Charles Grassley said that if Medicaid and Medicare don’t share information on bad doctors, patients could be at risk.

To Cope with Sequester, Justice Department Staffs Unpaid Attorneys

DOJ has defended hiring of unpaid special assistant U.S. attorneys, who do much of the same work as their paid counterparts.

The Expendables: How the Temps Who Power Corporate Giants Are Getting Crushed

America is now dotted with “temp towns” – places where it’s difficult to find blue-collar work except through a temp agency and where workers often suffer lost wages, no benefits and high injury rates.

Los Sacrificables: Como Los Temps Que Dan Fuerza A Grandes Empresas Están Siendo Aplastados

Hoy Estados Unidos está salpicado de “temp towns” – lugares donde es difícil encontrar trabajo manual si no es a través de una agencia de empleo temporal y donde los obreros frecuentemente sufren la pérdida de sueldos, ausencia de beneficios y altas proporciones de lesiones laborales.

Podcast: Behind Our Prescriber Checkup Investigation

As we continue our investigation into the lack of oversight of the drugs prescribed in Medicare’s Part D program, senior reporters Charles Ornstein and Tracy Weber sat down with Steve Engelberg to talk about the project and their latest findings.

Help Us Tell the Story of the Intern Economy

We've launched a Kickstarter help power ProPublica's investigation into internships. If we raise $22,000, we can send our intern around the country reporting intern stories. Can you help us meet our goal?

Top Questions from our Q&A on the Affirmative Action Decision

Key highlights from our Reddit chat discussing the Supreme Court, the Abigail Fisher case, and civil rights reporting.

Blacked Out: Reading Between the Lines as Gitmo Lawyers Talk Torture

A secret motion in the military commission trial of Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, alleged mastermind of the U.S.S. Cole bombing, offers a glimpse of how talk about CIA torture is handled by the Gitmo court.

Kickstarter Lessons for Journalists

We're wrapping up our first-ever Kickstarter. Here's a bit about what we learned.

Ixnay on ‘Say on Pay’

Top Medicare Official: ‘We Can and Should Do More’ to Oversee Drug Plan

Under pressure, Medicare's director tells a Senate panel the agency will intensify the search for abusive prescribing patterns and undertake other reforms.

NSA: Responding to this FOIA Would Help “Our Adversaries.”

Here’s what I got when I asked the NSA if they’re collecting my metadata.

Why the Supreme Court May Rule Against the Voting Rights Act

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments challenging Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. Here's why it matters.

Top Medicare Prescribers Rake In Speaking Fees From Drugmakers

Pay-to-prescribe is illegal, but doctors say they haven’t been influenced by the money they get for promoting drugs they also prescribe to large numbers of their patients.

Class Action: A Challenge to the Idea that Income Can Integrate America’s Campuses

Monday’s less-than-dramatic Supreme Court decision on a potentially decisive affirmative action case will likely stir talk of using class considerations to achieve diversity in the country's colleges.

Not Authorized to Prescribe Drugs? Medicare Pays Anyway.

Massage therapists, athletic trainers, interpreters and others who aren’t allowed to write prescriptions apparently issued at least 417,000 under Medicare.

P5 Resident Aram Chung

This week’s P5 Resident is Aram Chung.

Four Games that Tackle Serious Issues

Four examples of how news organizations might use games to help people understand — and act on — serious issues.

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