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Guide to the Latest on Pakistan’s Terror Ties

Longstanding tensions between the U.S. and Pakistan have recently kicked up, with more allegations flying and evidence emerging of Pakistan’s ties to terrorist groups. 

Protesters belonging to ruling Pakistan Peoples Party gather outside the U.S. consulate in Karachi on Sept. 27, 2011. to protest U.S. pressure for the Pakistan government to pursue Haqqani militants. (ASIF HASSAN/AFP/Getty Images)

The U.S. has long had a love-hate relationship with Pakistan, sending it billions of dollars in aid while suspecting, and occasionally accusing, Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI, of supporting terrorist groups.

The evidence and allegations of those connections have been coming so quickly it’s been hard to keep track of it all. What exactly are the United States' claims? What proof does it have, and which groups does it suspect the ISI has collaborated with? Here’s our breakdown of the basics. (And here’s an earlier guide we did as well.)

The latest U.S. accusations against Pakistan

On Sept. 13, members of a Pakistan-based insurgent group called the Haqqani network laid siege to the U.S. embassy and NATO headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan.

A detailed New York Times piece on the Haqqanis described them as “the Sopranos of the Afghanistan war, a ruthless crime family that built an empire out of kidnapping, extortion, smuggling, even trucking.”

The attack lasted 20 hours and killed 27 people, including insurgents. It was the most direct attack on the U.S. embassy since it reopened almost a decade ago. American officials told the New York Times that the attackers had placed calls to Pakistani intelligence agents from their cell phones.

Shortly after the attacks, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta criticized Pakistan for providing a safe haven to the Haqqani network and said that the United States would do “everything we can to defend our forces.”

On Sept. 22, Adm. Mike Mullen, the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, went much further. He accused Pakistan’s intelligence service of directly supporting the apparent Haqqani attacks in Kabul. Mullen also said the ISI provided support for two other recent attacks: a large truck bombing Sept. 10 and an attack on a Kabul hotel in June.

Mullen told the Senate Armed Services Committee that while the ISI does not have operational control over the Haqqani network, it is “in many ways, a strategic arm of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Agency” and operates from Pakistan “with impunity.”

U.S. officials have long suggested that the ISI has kept ties with the Haqqanis as a way to maintain influence in Afghanistan, though none has been as blunt as Mullen was. Pakistan is worried primarily about India and views the Haqqanis as a handy proxy force to counter Indian influence in Afghanistan.

Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani denied the accusations. Some U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, have criticized Mullen’s comments, saying they overstate the situation.

The United States has been frustrated for some time with the Pakistani military’s reluctance to engage militants in North Waziristan, a mountainous area of Pakistan where groups that attack U.S. targets in Afghanistan have found refuge.

Though the Obama administration hasn’t provided details on the steps it would be prepared to take, officials have indicated that the United States would be ready to act unilaterally if Pakistan doesn’t crack down on the Haqqani network and other terror groups within its borders.

(Updated: Oct. 3, 2011) According to anonymous U.S. officials, the U.S. itself spoke with a Haqqani network leader shortly before the September 13th attack, in a meeting arranged by the ISI. ABC News learned about the meeting a week and a half after Mullen's controversial remarks, and said the new information "suggests a much more nuanced -- and very often, confounding -- relationship with Pakistan's intelligence service than Adm. Mullen and other military officials have publicly admitted in the last two weeks."  

Pakistan’s intelligence service linked to more attacks

The ISI has been suspected of collaborating with some terrorists for years. A ProPublica investigation detailed links between the ISI and Lashkar-e-Taiba, the group that carried out the 2008 Mumbai attacks that killed 116 and wounded 308, including six Americans. According to trial testimony from David Coleman Headley, a top reconnaissance operative behind the plot, ISI officers helped to fund and plan the attacks and chose American, Western and Jewish targets for Lashkar to attack. The Headley trial marked the first time that U.S. prosecutors had charged an ISI officer with terrorism. You can read our full investigation here.

The New York Times also reported this week that, according to eyewitnesses, a 2007 ambush on American officials was carried out by Pakistani military and intelligence officers. An anonymous U.N. source told the Times that U.S. officials have known this but kept it quiet in the interest of smoothing relations between the two countries. Pakistani soldiers present during the attack claim that a lone, unbalanced member of Pakistan’s border militia opened fire on the Americans.

Pakistan turns a blind eye to other terror groups

As Time magazine detailed this week, Pakistan has also been hesitant to crack down on Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a terrorist group that carries out attacks mostly within Pakistan. LeJ is known to train with al-Qaida and has links to the Taliban. The group was also involved in the 2002 killing of American journalist Daniel Pearl.

According to Time’s report, the military, provincial government, law enforcement and judicial system have all been unable to hold LeJ accountable, empowering the group to attempt bolder attacks.

The group’s leader, Malik Ishaq, was released from prison in July because of a “lack of evidence,” though he is suspected of coordinating a high-profile attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team from prison. Earlier this week, Pakistan put Ishaq under temporary house arrest, and as of yesterday he is reportedly back behind bars. According to the Agence France-Presse, “rights groups say a persistent lack of action from the government has emboldened sectarian militant groups, blamed for the deaths of thousands in past years.”

Pakistan pushes back

The Pakistani Army announced Monday that it has no new plans to go after the Haqqani network despite increased American pressure.

Prime Minister Gilani said that any unilateral entry of his country by U.S. forces to track down terrorists would be a violation of national sovereignty.

Pakistan has increasingly courted China since the United States suspended and canceled millions in aid earlier this summer. While Pakistan has received U.S. aid since the early days of the Cold War, roughly two-thirds of it has come since 9/11—or $20.7 billion since 2002.

This week, Pakistan’s interior minister offered to help crack down on Chinese militants taking refuge in Pakistan.

Other reports of Pakistani officials aiding terrorists

A recent New Yorker piece about Pakistani journalists who’ve been threatened by the ISI included an interview with Fida Muhammad, an ISI agent who claimed he helped Haqqani fighters travel across the border from Pakistan to Afghanistan. He also claimed that ISI agents had helped a group of insurgents flee from Tora Bora, the area of Afghanistan where Osama bin Laden was hiding in 2001, to Pakistan. From the New Yorker:

Muhammad told me that his most memorable job came in December, 2001, when he was part of a large ISI operation intended to help jihadi fighters escape from Tora Bora—the mountainous region where bin Laden was trapped for several weeks, until he mysteriously slipped away. Muhammad said that when the American bombing of Tora Bora began, in late November, he and other ISI operatives had gone there, and into other parts of eastern Afghanistan, to evacuate training camps whose occupants included Al Qaeda fighters.

another excuse to invade one more country by the u.s.a and the western power first afganistan second iraq and now after pakistan at times i wonder who is the biggest terroist muslim or u.s.a its sad to see whats happening in the world killing people for oil and the world has closed there eyes

The caption below the picture used in this article is incorrect. The protesters were locals from Karachi who did not carry any party flags and so their political affiliation was unclear. To say that they were associated with the ruling PPP is a misstatement.

Barry Schmittou

Sep. 29, 2011, 12:14 p.m.

The U.S. government’s aid to Pakistan provides funding for those who “turn a blind eye to other terror groups”

This is part of the pattern of enabling and funding absurd evil that is the norm for the U.S. leaders.

Wachovia Bank laundered $378 billion for murderous Mexican drug cartels. The Obama administration did not prosecute one person at Wachovia !!

35,000 murders are associated with the drug cartels. Here’s a quote C N N posted on 9/15/2011 :

“Two mangled bodies hanging like cuts of meat from a pedestrian bridge. A woman was hogtied and disemboweled, her intestines protruding from three deep cuts on her abdomen. Attackers left her topless, dangling by her feet and hands from a bridge in the border city of Nuevo Laredo. A bloodied man next to her was hanging by his hands, his right shoulder severed so deeply the bone was visible.” Signs declared the pair were killed for posting denouncements of drug cartel activities on a social network. Mexico’s notoriously ruthless drug gangs regularly hang victims from bridges and highway overpasses.”

Bloomberg news reported that Wachovia’s anti-money-laundering Director Martin Woods wrote :

“If you don’t see the correlation between the money laundering by banks and the 22,000 people killed in Mexico, you’re missing the point,”

“Woods says his bosses instructed him to keep quiet and tried to have him fired, according to his letter to the FSA. In one meeting, a bank official insisted Woods shouldn’t have filed suspicious activity reports to the government, as both U.S. and U.K. laws require.”

Federal prosecutor Jeffrey Sloman wrote this about Wachovia’s laundering :

“Wachovia’s blatant disregard for our banking laws gave international cocaine cartels a virtual carte blanche to finance their operations,”

BUT no one was prosecuted !!!!

The $110 million Wachovia paid in fines is 1/3 of one percent of the $378 Billion they laundered !!!!

Here’s a quote from Huffington News on 9/21/11 :

“Suspected drug traffickers dumped 35 bodies at rush hour beneath a busy overpass in the heart of a major Gulf coast city as gunmen pointed weapons at frightened drivers.”

Here’s a bullet point example of the U.S. leaders pattern of enabling and funding absurd evil and corporate crimes :

(1) AIG received a Non Prosecution agreement for rigging huge bids to increase sales of Workers Comp. They paid $1.6 billion in fines; no one was prosecuted !!

During this time period WFAA - TV in Dallas wrote :

“a remarkable number of Texans committed suicide because they could no longer endure the pain caused by their injuries and they had been repeatedly turned down for worker’s comp care.”

(2) AIG received a Second Non Prosecution agreement for Aiding & Abetting Securities Fraud;

While all this occurred AIG received $186 billion dollars in the bailout program

(3) AIG and Prudential received a Non Prosecution agreement for accounting frauds;

(4) Prudential was also fined $600 Million in Securities Fraud Fines

(5) Prudential, Unum Insurance, and MetLife also committed similar bid rigging violations regarding health care plans and have received multiple Non Prosecution agreements from multiple government agencies;

(6) Metlife still endangers patients lives by ignoring life threatening medical conditions when patients file claims on the policies that MetLife committed frauds to sell;

(7) JP Morgan received a non prosecution agreement for bid rigging in 31 States !!
32 Non Prosecution agreements were signed in 2010. Many of the crimes are health care or financial fraud and kickbacks !!

Injured War Zone Contractor Daniel Brink had his leg, fingers and toes blown off in a car bombing in Iraq. This past Spring Daniel saw my internet postings and asked me to help. Here are his exact quotes :

“The Sheriff repossessed my wheelchair because CNA Global Insurance stopped payment on the check that they issued to the suppliers and my life really started spiraling out of control”

“My medication that I need because of PTSD and the severe pain I experience, has not been paid for three months. My teeth are extensively damaged right down to the nerves due to grinding caused by the severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I am suffering from.”

“I am sleeping on the floor on a mattress in the living room with my Night care Assistant sitting on a chair next to my mattress. I have to use a bucket and a bottle to urinate in the evenings.”

That’s a short list of the extreme evil that the U.S. Government leaders have enabled while Obama and Bush often talk about their great faith in God.

I pray the real God will help us all, because it is obvious the leaders of the U.S. and world governments are dedicated to destroying any chance the world has of ever seeing justice !!

It’s time to change the Old foreign policies and domistic too involving money matters.
A new kind of world politics beyond territorial interests is just waiting around the corner to get into business in full swing!

Example:Bangladesh has now enough tax money and can now afford to get its inland terrorists for power and money or private insurgents in hard labour camps but not under leaderships of fathers of nations though.
Look, Saudi leadership is now becoming shaky and so will be many. A wise decision-‘not to punish women for driving’ and to be followed by many new decisions soon!
Everyone better believe in the cosmic queue for evolutionary transitions taking place now through human for the human @ 50% cosmic rule.
Read European News:If German were a municipal-like Government under new UN power, its hard working people could keep all the money they are earning for themselves. When it comes to credit, there is no difference between a guy and a country, because countries’ states mean representations of a few human minds. The true help that you can offer to yuor poor neighbour is convince and get them into working for themselves.
No thing or money is enjoyable or truly belongs to you, unless you earn it honestly by your hard work!

the thirst of america to kill people for oil is going to be seen never is the time to stop americans if not they will attack one by one.
the americans are the big terrorist in the world.

i will say that the bloody america is is badly failed in afghanistan and to hide its failure it wants to attack pakistan in near future.
the hate against america is increasing day by day in muslim world because they are expertise in making dramas to attack countries for oil or for nuclear assets

The only reason pakistan got nuclear weapons is because of US funding and pakistan using espionage to get the plans/blueprints. Pakistan has had clear ties to terrorist organizations since AT LEAST the 1980’s.

People just have very short memories…Look up oldish news stories from the New York Times. Pakistan has always had this connection. The qusetion right now is what is the US going to do? Attacking a nuclear power is something far different from attacking a country like afganistan.

I don’t know where you guys are getting the idea that the US attacked afganistan to get oil. This is not the reason behind the war in afganistan. The US has their own oil reserves in Alaska. This whole mess was started by the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. If that event hadn’t happend, the war wouldn’t have started in the first place.

No bloody revolution should be encouraged by anyone. A peaceful evolutionary transition I am promoting in our collective understanding of mundane matters in our mere human minds.
It’s achievable by new kind of wise politics.

Barry Schmittou

Sep. 29, 2011, 1:18 p.m.

Hi Delores,

I appreciate your right to your opinion, and I think there is a slight possibility you may be right about the cause of the war.

The reason I believe the possibility is slight is because of the U.S. governments protections of corpoarte crimes that I listed in my first comment.

This includes the fact that Wachovia Bank laundered $378 billion for murderous Mexican drug cartels. The Obama administration did not prosecute one person at Wachovia.

I feel certain when the U.S. and world governments are involved we can be sure that the real reason for almost all of their actions is profit and greed, and they don;t care how many die in the process.

Delores, thank you for sharing your thoughts that :

“The only reason Pakistan got nuclear weapons is because of US funding”

That reminds me of the guns that Obama’s ATF Directors allowed the Mexican cartels to smuggle across the border, and the guns relation to the bridge hangings and 35,000 murder since 2006.

One ATF e-mail noted, “958 killed in March 2010 ... most violent month since 2005.” The same e-mail notes: “Our subjects purchased 359 firearms during March alone,” including “numerous Barrett .50 caliber rifles.”

Barry Schmittou

Sep. 29, 2011, 2:57 p.m.

Please excuse my typos above caused by eye surgeries and fatigue.

Hi Delores u Aneed a history lesson during the cold war threat East Germany was occupied by RUSSIA.Afghanistan was a stable count ry run by the Monarch Zahir Sha.After world war 2 Zahir Sha came to Europe for an eye cataract operation,left his nephew in command.American and European embassys and secret intelligence services were pressent in Afghanistan and brainwashed the monarchs nephew and tried to build American millitary bases inside Afghanistan and forwarded a fake letter from nephew to Monarch Zahir Shah which stated if he returned to Afghanistan he would be shot.During that time the American secret services tried to kill him and make out it was his nephew and the Russians tried to kill him and the Russains knew what was happening and invaded AFGHANISTAN.The monarch to this pressent day is still living in exille in europe.The Americans,British and other european states wanted this to happen so they could start a gureilla war against the Russains and the proxy Afghan goverment.Massod Sha from the Northern Alliance was trained by the British SAS in UK and Osama Bin Ladens father was very rich who had very close ties with Senior Bush and brought up his family in America.Osama Bin Laden was an American secret Agent with duall nationality including Saudia Arabia.Masood Sha and Osama Bin Laden ,Afghani people and Pakistan were used by the western powers to fight their dirty cold war for them and in process millions of AFGHANS lost their lives

Walter D. Shutter, Jr.

Sep. 29, 2011, 9:37 p.m.

After reading the article and the comments thereon, I am convinced that Afganistan and Pakistan are No Countries for Old Men… or Westerners, either.  We should withdraw our people and our aid posthaste and leave the Afghans and the Pakistanis to their own devices.  In time, they will attack India and the Indians will beat them back to the Stone Age. The survivors will hardly be able to tell the difference.

William Shatner

Sep. 30, 2011, 2:20 a.m.

@ Dolores.. Afghanistan has no oil… However Mr. Schmittou is right on the money… The war does indirectly benefit the wall street crooks.. Via drug money.. ISI maintains the opium cartel in Afghanistan. The biggest consumers of drugs our people- The Americans and the Europeans..Ever wondered how the drug manages to get through in spite of all the expensive “X-ray scanners” at ports ? The authorities help them get through..The drugs are sold to common people who waste there money on them . The money directly or indirectly reaches the financial empire of wall street..

Mr.  Schmittou correctly pointed out the involvement of a prominent bank with the Mexican cartels..

Dear Islaam and Dear Walter,
I guess that is why we should forget about the past and encourage new kind if politics. Whoever conscientiously does wrongful and dishonest acts, the prize has to somehow be paid! From the moment of birth to death, only thing the Creations look for is happiness!
Don’t worry, auto balancing by 50% opposit force will always be done, sometimes faster.

It’s worth repeating and expanding what the possibly-renowned William hints at.  We went into Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban.  Other than religious extremism, the Taliban are known for one very important thing:  They destroyed the opium trade and destroyed poppy fields.

As of 2009, the UNODC put out a report that opium/heroin prices were at a ten-year low and just about every municipality I can think of is reporting a continued climb in heroin use and abuse, because of the low prices.

To me, it’s too obvious a connection to think that the effect wasn’t planned and it’s probably much better profit than oil.  However, there might still be some merit to the idea that Washington was looking to privatize the pipelines that run across Afghanistan to break the Russo-Iranian bottleneck in favor of American companies.

Most of our oil, I believe, still comes from South America, though, so it’s a minor contribution in terms of national interests.

Thanks for info, a missing link I needed.

Braden Goyette: The US has long had a love-hate relationship with Pakistan, sending it billions of dollars in aid.
If US aid were cut to be off from Pakistan, what would the Pakistani government and military do? Work against US interests? Become a nuclear proliferator? Share intelligence with China?

It has already done or is continuing to do all of these things.

So apart from some limited military benefits (i.e. acting as a supply line for US forces in Afghanistan) the US ultimately has little to lose if the relationship were to disintegrate even further. It has other options for supplying US troops in Afghanistan, such as enhancing its military presence in Turkmenistan.

Pakistan became the world’s greatest nuclear proliferator when relations with the US were solid and aid was flowing—so what does the US risk now? That it will do so again? If so, at least this time, the international community is in a position to do something about it.

a) the fact that Osama bin Laden was running Al Qaeda within earshot of Pakistan’s equivalent of West Point in Abbottabad,

b) that so much of the aid the US have given the Pakistanis has either been squandered, misused or stolen, and

c) that the Pakistani government and military have clearly been pursuing their own agenda for their own benefit—which has been contrary to US interests—

it would be irresponsible and hypocritical of the Congress to vote to continue delivering vast quantities of aid to the Pakistanis.

Barry Schmittou

Sep. 30, 2011, 5:20 p.m.

Thank you William, John and Rahul.

Here’s a quote that hopefully adds to your informative comments above :

England’s Guardian Observer News wrote :

“At the height of the 2008 banking crisis, Antonio Maria Costa, then head of the United Nations office on drugs and crime, said he had evidence to suggest the proceeds from drugs and crime were “the only liquid investment capital” available to banks on the brink of collapse. “Inter-bank loans were funded by money that originated from the drugs trade,” he said. “There were signs that some banks were rescued that way.”

Thanks for your smartness of adding Drugs with the other two top bisiness items of billionaires: Oil and Weapons.
We the top thinkers of Western Tank may choose to ban weapon business and free the oil and drug businesses from the grip of bill / millionaires’ grip by lifting production regulations on these items, despite the risk of losing some of mankind’s suicidal minds who happily choose to die happily by suicidal acts including drug abuse. Some suffering guys even in UK begging others to let them die because our Laws do not approve self chosen death. What our policy makers can do when deaths are caused by nature or Cosmic creator?

Braden Goyette: Pakistan is worried primarily about India and views the Haqqanis as a handy proxy force to counter Indian influence in Afghanistan.
The army’s massive covert support for radical Sunni Islamist groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan had three primary goals.

The first was to maintain the military’s domination of the Pakistani state by suppressing the nation’s two secular democratic parties. The second sought to forge a broader Islamist bloc of Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and eventually Central Asia to balance India, Pakistan’s traditional rival.

Finally, Pakistan’s generals hoped to secure a leading position for Pakistan in the Muslim world.

William Shatner

Sep. 30, 2011, 10:46 p.m.

Interesting compilation of links by Rahul. This explains why our government keeps financing Pakistan in spite of all their perfidy.

The economic dynamics are interesting.

The American taxpayer’s money goes to Pakistan which helps in maintaining the drug cartel . The production cost of opium in Afghanistan is practically negligible . The drugs are shipped to the western market and sold to the customers by the various franchises of the drug cartels. The mafia is in cahoots with wall street bankers . The bankers are financed by the drug money and they in turn finance the politicians. Net losers - The US citizens ..

Why Don't We No Anything

Oct. 1, 2011, 8:40 a.m.

There was a war between Pakistan and India way back in the time before 9/11 ... the early ‘70s. Pakistan lost nearly a 1/3 of its territory to India. Pakistan became neurotic vis a vis India as a result. India is an ally of the US not good as far as Pakistan is concerned. The US is fighting the Pakistan ISI created Taliban in Afghanistan. Not good as far as Pakistan is concerned. Why? If the US were to stabilize Afghanistan Pakistan would be faced w/US allies on its east India (really not good) and on its west by Afghanistan (a real threat to Pakistan’s nationally security ... as far as Pakistan is concerned). Therefore, Pakistan’s sees its national security depending on never allowing Afghanistan to be stabilized as a US ally.

Given Pakistan’s pre 9/11 paranoia over India and a desire to keep Afghanistan out of the western sphere of influence we brilliantly devised a plan that requires Pakistan as our main ally in the region. Huh?

We dropped a highly mechanized, uniformed army into an Afghanistan (w/ few paved roads and a highly evolved plain clothed, insurgent army) and depend on Pakistan to patrol the porous border that their proxies the Taliban (the highly evolved plain clothed, insurgent army) transverses to attack us and NATO. Duh!

How has that worked out so far? Just sayin’ 10 years on we have achieved goals that are both “fragile and reversible”.

It’s got to be all about the money folks and nothing to do w/our national security.
MIAN JEHANGIR IQBAL, Press Counselor - Pakistan Mission to UN - Sep 25 2011: To this day, no evidence of the Pakistani intelligence agency’s support to the militants of the Haqqani network or any other group has been provided to the government of Pakistan, and the agency has categorically denied having any links to them.
Hina Rabbani Khar, Pakistan’s foreign minister at UN on Sep 27 2011: Our nation is united in its determination to eliminate the spectre of terrorism from our soil, from our region and the world. It is Pakistan’s firm determination not to allow any space of its territory for militants and terrorists.

It is well known that following the Tora Bora bombing and consequent dispersal of al Qaeda, it was Pakistan’s intelligence and security agencies that interdicted a large number of al Qaeda operatives.
Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistan’s president: We have lost 5,000 military and police officers to the militant mind-set that the US government is now charging that we support.’s-911-wsj-ad/tab/comments/#comment-87531

We struggle to hold the line against the tidal wave of extremism that surges into Pakistan each day from internationally controlled areas of Afghanistan.

We will not allow religion to become the trigger for terrorism or persecution.
Having thrust the civilians into the foreground to make the same old tired case for Pakistan this time, the same old tired lies are being repeated.

Part of the reason Pakistan commands so little respect in the world of diplomacy and international relations is that the self-appointed custodians of the national interest are inveterate liars.

The public at large may no longer be aware of this because it has been drip-fed those lies over the years and now trots them out as truth and reality when overcome by bouts of fist-waving, chest-thumping nationalism and patriotism. But the outside world is fully aware of the lies, and it does hurt Pakistan in ways perceptible and imperceptible.

Pakistan is so famous for treachery that it is said they can get milk from a bull.

They have two tongues in one mouth, and two faces on one head so they can speak everybody’s language; they use everybody, deceive everybody.

U r Right! Ha ha…..............Creating bacteria type real enemies and then, a notion of National security in public minds was pure Propaganda for making personal gains of some business leaders of the past. Should those leaders as punishments for commiting crimes of pre-planned wars, be gradually placed by the great world hero: Obama, one by one in the front lines of fighting back against the intentionally created enemies?

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 1, 2011, 3:30 p.m.

To shahislam,

It’s hard to tell if you are serious or joking in your ProPublica comments when you have referred to Obama as a “great world hero” and savior.

I believe the following paragraphs I filed in Federal Court accurately describes Obama and Bush’s evil administrations :

” I assert the U.S. government’s decision to not prosecute anyone at Wachovia for laundering $378.4 billion dollars in drug money connected to murderous cartels is insane, psychopathic, treasonous, an insurrection against the laws of the United States and selective prosecution that favors large businesses who make huge campaign contributions while repeatedly violating laws over long periods of time.”

“I pray this Court will appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the DOJ’s failure to seek prosecution regarding this overwhelming evidence of dangerous and deadly criminal activity.”

“The DOJ’s failure to seek prosecution of other powerful businesses that made contributions to President Obama that are evidenced in my filings today provide additional reasons that proves the need for a special prosecutor to be appointed ! “

” With or without the contributions it’s obvious Obama’s DOJ and DOL are engaged in deadly negligence, obstruction of justice and treason !! “

(end of quotes)

As expected the Court denied my motion that included the bullet points of Non Prosecution agreements and much of the evidence seen in my comments on this ProPublica story.

Regarding Pakistan, anyone can copy and paste the following to see the India-Pakistan border highlighted by a red line in the photograph, taken from the International Space Station on Aug. 21 and released Sept. 4. The fence between the two countries is floodlit for surveillance purposes.

syed salamah ali mahdi

Oct. 1, 2011, 3:42 p.m.

1. It was Gipper who paid Gen. Zia-ul-Haq to get the ISI to infiltrate the Afghan Mujahideen and bring them ‘together’ in Gipper’s War against the Soviet Union. You can infiltrate unless you make ‘friends’ and friendships in arms last.
2. Soviets leave, leaves Gipper leaving the General, ISI and the Mujahideen feeling ‘ditched’, no $$$ coming and even the ‘fully paid for’ F-16’s not delivered.
3. The General kept his assets in Afghanistan through the ISI but the American Century Empire run by the United States of A(llied Lobbies) didn’t like this. So, the General was ‘taken out’ by the CIA in an aircrash.
4. The Taleban oust the US backed post-Soviet Occupation Afghan Govt and the situation goes out of hand for both the US/CIA and Pakistan/ISI.
5. America had ‘other plans’ in Afghanistan. It wanted an oil/gas pipeline from Kazakhstan to the Pakistani port of Gwadar transiting through Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan. The Texan Oil Lobby invited Taleban ministers to be hosted and toaste in Dallas. They made a draft Contract for ‘selling’ Afghanistan to the US and returned to Kabul to get Mullah Omar to sign this agreement into a contract. Mullah Omar refused. May be ISI had a role in this rejection? May be. Then again may be not. Most importantly Pakistan and its ISI were left out in all this!
6. The 9/11 conspiracy was prepared two years before 9/11/2001.
7. Launching had to wait for the Oil Lobby to take over in DC under their Dick Cheney and his godson, Dubya. Pakistan was again left out in all this. Not only were they left out, 9/11 was pinned on them. Neat and cute.
8. And when Pakistan & its ISI were being pecky about this, Dubya started trumpeting his call for Empire with “You are either with ush or with the terrorists”. Gen. Musharraf’s knees started wobbling but his knees were later stabilized by $$$$ gypsum and classical insincere Yankee charm and shameless threatenings.
9. Now Pakistan has reached the end of the road with the American Century Empire’s charm and threats. Time to change course!
9. The rest is ‘history’.

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 1, 2011, 5:32 p.m.

I hope and pray that people in all nations around the world know that many American citizens love and respect all life.

There are many religions and people around the world who also love and respect all life, while the leaders of the U.S. and Global governments seem very determined to steal, control and/or destroy everything.

I would have never imagined so much corruption and destruction would be committed so openly where everyone can see. The U.S. Governments refusal to prosecute huge financial and mass murder related crimes makes all of their actions suspect, especially their love for supporting wars in so many nations around the world !! God please be with us all !!

To: Dear Barry S.,
I can guess why you find it confusing! I really like to read your writings with sharp focus into root causes
“Survival of the fittest” is the Cosmic and/or universal law for the earthly animals including super animal: the human race and at the same time this law appears to be meaningful when one tries to understand the Cosmic rules of the ‘Omni-powerful: the ultimate-controller’ too, although without any apparent proof and also without guidance of any of the religions. History has time after time proven that the “Cosmic unbiased rule of 50%” or Cosmic power supersedes mundane intrigues or powers like human ruling, governance etc.. With wisdom of long term patience, Mr. Gadhafi’s power: believed to be ‘Libya’s oil-power under his governance’ will be lost eventually in the normal course of unseen automatic application of cosmic laws. But the quick result or the apparently faster victory by secret and dishonest human-push can be very temporarily achieved too, as have been historically seen but primarily, at the expense of unnecessary bloodsheds. Now, if Mr. Obama and the UN, headed by USA and secretly backed by the impatient Semitic or anti-Semitic violent mentalities, start to use human-bloodshed-causing gun powers in order to take advantage of the current-automatically created or allowed political awareness of the young generations of African and of public of the Eastern pieces of lands through application of ‘foreign policies of old fashioned secret and unfair manipulations’ then the consequences surely will be worse than the past wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.. And in the final count down, much more than ever, innocent lives of native and foreign souls including lives of mercenaries of many kinds will be lost, and that will produce ‘never ending, over the time’ supressed anger in the mental belief-system of the collective Easterners or the East: confusingly portray-able as “Muslims” by the words only-which is physically non-existent just like what is meant by “white”-that exists only inside human mental negativities. A little change in the minds shall change the world.{this kind of futurologist(ic) deep-understanding needs wisdom of selfless patience.}
However, if the automatic or Cosmic natural progresses, so far, of establishing ‘one power of Governance for the whole world’ should somehow become uncertain, then, this opportunity shall not come again soon until the collective negative experiences of this generation will be forgotten or wiped out completely from the direct memories of the contemporary collective Eastern public brains (e.g.: Hitler’s brutality) and owning the quality of forgiveness for own happiness is not an easy thing unless learned and earned. We (you and I including the Western financial and industrial corporations; e.g.: Microsoft etc.) need to be very cautious and extremely careful about our culturally approved extreme ‘greed of money’, habits of extracting income or spending and therefore, must keep in our minds that too strong grips on consumers or the destructions of the hopes or possibility of a positive future for ‘win-win situations’ at the same time give births of new hopes and possibilities; as the Chinese, the Indians, the Asians in general, are, traditionally and habitually, very frugal minded and experts in copying other’s businesses and thus are capable of creating a completely separate Internet networks, industrial and financing systems etc. totally independent from the West. Secondarily, faster victory (a desire or a product of mainly human greed) must cause further delays to the cosmic transformation which is secularly occurring beyond human control and has slowly but obviously began to change the political arenas of the Arabian, other Middle Eastern, North African and so many different countries in all corners of the world. We need to allow the time and let evolution happen slowly instead of a quick revolution. Please do not forget that vast change can also be a secularly occurring Cosmic thing and human push may not be required at all. The West, with good conscience, cannot attack Libya.
Today, if “International Communities or especially the North American part of the Global public fail to hear or learn from what is now available for them to prudently consider and become aware of the benefits of the better wisdom” and Mr. Obama like a puppet head finally become submissive to the collective pressures of the mental negativities of the congressmen, then what shall happen? A quick victory may still be achieved but not without risk of some inevitable long term bad consequences. Very possibly “the positive mentalities of the US Congressmen {(-mans?) And also North Americans or AmeriCandans}” will be outnumbered by the very common ‘the negative ones’-which is majority because of ignorance problem of the West. ............

To: Dear Barry S.,
I can guess why you find it confusing! I really like to read your writings with sharp focus into root causes and thanks.
I try to observe things from far away, as if viewing the earth from space and therefore, unable to see details.
I believe in God without any of the religions and my understanding is: you also trust in God and I believe it is a nice matter for you too.

All the creations and their particular rule based activities are nothing but play of God-who is free from any kind of blames. So, I try to take things as easy as possible (through a somewhat uncommon processing of my own mind, I think, which is in my control in a trying to be well balanced personal style.

I have a fact based story that somehow generates constant philosophical views of my life and other neutral and peaceful thoughts for myself.
I got severe physical injury because of or as a result of Canadian Crown’s approval of a false case against me-involving a beautiful younger lady and it was initially arranged by some extremely negative envious minds at a work place.
Subsequently a big mistake has been done by our great judicial system because the Crown was mislead in the first place by some (Newfoundlanders?).

I took that easy and the result is: Myself and the personnel of the Crown Corporation are treating each other respectfully for the last 3 years and mutually trying to find hidden true facts avoiding nasty fights of ‘Blame game’-which produces nothing good at the end of the day..

Not balanced with sane-Positivity, the extreme Negativity in the form of criminal instincts in human mind is the most dangerous thing on earth. 

My understanding of Obama is: he is a more balanced man than many other leaders and capable of doing more than what we have seen so far.I think my /our religionless God is blessing him.
He is closing a burden of businesses started by GOP leaders a decade ago and only for winning support of ‘bloody action seeking, negatively powerful minded portion of the US public’, he has no choice but to order killings of ‘hard to catch terrorists’, instead of slow approach and bring them under ICC and let the common world public hear “their side of the facts” and learn how secret conspiracy, ‘blind beliefs’ etc. may cause hatred, wars etc.

.................. hatred, wars etc.

Here is an excerpt (mainly of philosophical views) from my case filing:  ..............................By watching closely how a few human minds, in the shield of illusory old judicial structure can play ‘the clever games of manipulations’ through the loopholes of the current system, I have recently learned a lot more things. So, I have to write in details to let my fellow Canadians and the Global Public know about my highly beneficial findings which are identical when comparing with even those in the broader perspective on the International scene, because of identical reasons of cultural differences and simple misunderstandings. The mentalities and characters of IAHs are actually reflective from behind all forms of governances which, if dishonest, can never continually succeed to evade attention and escape from eyes of the public visions.
Please look closely at the following currently ongoing examples: The governance-power of Libya: Mr. Gadhafi has been a manipulator of public-power mainly for his personal and own family enjoyment, ambitions, interests etc. for last four decades despite difficulties among which some are created by the greedy mentalities of a few rich individuals of the West and East and some are recently created by the common, ever-ungrateful, impatient, young generation of Libyan public {And supported by collective envy of invisible but ‘extremely money greedy’ very few individuals or oil-field owners of the West (the actual heads of the most powerful western governments) which believe oil: ‘the liquid gold’- price should be controlled, for some belief generated reasons in their minds, and kept high for personal gains as well as political controls over the current trends of quick developments in the East, even if, at the expense of higher food and commodity prices leading to the possibilities of hunger and death of partial mankind, especially, in the third world}. Unfortunately, today many typical sincerely-angry Americans and pro-American-Canadians (future-possible: AmeriCandians) are unhappy on the President of USA: Mr. Obama for his ‘not yet aggressive’ attitudes towards Mr. Gadhafi and for not leading and engaging in aerial bombardments on the terrorizing (once terrorist) government of Libya. They are impatient to watch destruction of a ruler that is against of its own protesting Libyan public and at the same time being totally safe at homeland (although, Cosmically, e.g.: disasters like volcanism, epidemic, earthquake etc. may happen any moment at any of the places on earth including the safest ones.), they are mentally prepared to somewhat sadistically enjoy some movie-like brutalities (possibly with a nice name) of allied bombardments shown in the TV accompanied by commentaries with the heroic sensations of bloodshed and barbarian-patriotic style: victory. They are motivated by, for no personal gains but for fun filled curiosity, although inhuman, like e.g.: boxing game or normal reactive-negativities of their minds out of superficial or shallow understanding of eternal complex matters which are nothing but products of ‘mob-like collective cheap-blind-beliefs of some torn between dogmatism and ever-confusing secularism’.
“Survival of the fittest” is the ......................

William Shatner

Oct. 2, 2011, 12:23 a.m.

Actually Pakistans paranoia with respect to India is unfounded. Indian economy is a dozen times larger than the Pakistani economy and yet they attempt having an arms race with India.And the disparity will only increase. Because Pakistan with a literacy rate of mere 20-30 % is not expected to grow much. And India is expected to be an economic superpower by the next decade.Its economy will be 90-100 times bigger than Pakistan by 2030. Pakistan should have attempted to do well economically and give proper health and education to their citizens . They have not even had a proper census in 2 decades .Besides why would India try to conquer pakistan ? A country with no important natural resources , rampant Islamic fundamentalism , poor literacy and no Industry. They can barely govern themselves . Why would India even want to try ?

With respect to our Afghan problem , we should never have trusted the ISI. The best thing to do right now would be to attack the haquanni network within Pakistan and also deactivate the Pakistani nuclear weapons.

I also believe that Balochistan and Sindh should be split from Pakistan. There is a large scale ethnic cleansing the Pakistan Army is undertaking in these regions. In fact the reason why India was forced to attack in 1971 was because the Pakistani’s killed 2-3 million Bangla’s in what was then east Pakisatan .

The new country Bangladesh is doing far better than Pakistan economically . So dividing Pakistan into 3-4 independent countries would be beneficial for the people.

As far a our drug problem is concerned , one can only raise public awareness about this issue. If the demand for drug stops the business too would stop.

indians are crying wolf for 40 years. Only now US, mostly because it is getting heart, paying attention. Pity. Pakistan is awesome until it stop doing your bidding. No morals in foreign policy.
Pakistan is a failed state, have little incentive to do good.

Barry Schmittou

Oct. 3, 2011, 11:27 a.m.

Thank you for your explanation Shahislam.

I’ve had surgery on both eyes so I can only resond to a small portion.

You wrote what if “Mr. Obama like a puppet head finally become submissive to the collective pressures of the mental negativities of the congressmen, then what shall happen” (end of quote)

I believe Obama, Bush Clinton and the great majority of U.S. and world leaders are puppets who serve the elite, and they are like psychopaths who do not care how many lives are destroyed by their crimes.

The fact Obama prosecuted no one at Wachovia for the $378 billion they laundered for murderous drug dealers is one of the hugest protections of murderous crimes in world history. I believe all the additional Non Prosecution Agreements I’ve listed in comments above also prove Obama has a psychopathic pattern of protecting organized crimes.

Obama promised hope and I believed him, but now I’m sure he is owned by the same wealthy people that own the majority of the leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties. That is why I sometimes choose to present evidence when anyone mentions Obama is a good or just President.

Anyone who votes for Obama is voting for someone who allowed Wachovia to launder $378 billion for mass murderers who are responsible for the deaths of 35,000 human beings.

As I’ve mentioned I expressed that last statement in Court and just received the certified letter receipt proving this evidence was received by the White House. I will add that Bush exhibited the same pattern of protecting big business crimes.

Shahislam, I do respect your right to your opinion and appreciate your explanation and kind words about my comments. Our views on God are somewhat different but I am glad to know that you believe. God bless you and your family.

Thank you Dear Barry for reply and your valuable time!
The top leaders sometimes have no choice but to act foolish or real mean to please some and survive and then, try to balance things! There is no alternative in the system of capitalism where money (not morality) operates the main switch of power. But the good news is: sense of morality works perfectly on smaller powers; this happens through the silent balancing acts of cosmic rules, I sometime talk about. 

I commented in the Washington Post today as follows:
Even if any of the terrorist-US-citizens was captured, he (al-Awlaki) /she wouldn’t be receiving anything less than suspended death penalty. However, as an only option, killing of a proved killer for belief-blind or what so ever reasons is unavoidable!
It will be a wastage of time to argue on what is justified by common sense!
Moreover, for the religious guys there is nothing for them to argue about because crusading-minded guys killed in wars, straight head for paradisaical-life after death; so, being killed is a blessing those who want to live in heaven after death!

About Ivory Coast: This Gbagbo, if option of amnesty was honestly given by impartial UN, would not surrender willingly, therefore, should receive suspended death penalty. There are many mentally retarded stupids in ‘Tiger-like powers’ in many countries and a newer UN can only help replace these idiots in slow evolutionary -type revolutions.

(Suspended death sentences for inhuman war crime-committing world-leaders mean when found guilty they have serve in the UN’s front line of fights against insurgents and slow implementation of such noble ideas is possible by human push too.)

Same will be the situation about Gaddafi and many others to be followed later, if slow transition may continue undisturbed.
I am sure, many connot even guess where Obama’s success is coming from, in the midst of similar conditions where Bushes falied!
God bless us all and we continue to be less worried and more happy!

I think there is significant evidence to suggest that the ISI was involved in funding Mohammed Atta with US$100,000 in August of 2000.

The original Agence France-Presse article isn’t available online that I could find, but you can read a copy here. If this is correct, then the 9/11 “truther” movement may have been started by agents provocateurs from the ISI to cover up their involvement.

William Shatner

Oct. 6, 2011, 11:31 p.m.

@ Sammy the bull—I come from Texas , But I agree with most of your post..

As far as Pakistan is concerned , we are in deep shit .Do you remember the recent Fai’s episode ? He was an ISI men who bribed 2 (possibly more ) of our senator. Joe Pitts (Democrat-Pennsylvania) and Dan Burton (Republican-Indiana).. Since the senators make money out of ISI they give more and more aid money to Pakistan . As you have noticed , the support the Paki’s enjoy is bi-partisan ..They use our aid money to bribe our own senators..So writing letters to them is like a poor girl pleading in front of a serial killer - “Please don’t kill me”..It is not going to work..

The navy-seals who were involved in the Osama operation got murdered in the Chinook incident.. How did the Taliban or whatever it is called these days come to know of their exact coordinates ? What was a chinnok (which has no self defence capability ) sent to such an area..Did we send our son’s to their death… What we know is that the terrorists are involved with the PAKI ESTABLISHMENT .. And the senator bribing episode proved that ISI has our people in their pay roll. Could it be possible that someone within the establishment leaked the coordinates to ISI ?

The problem with the Texans (and many other states as well ) is well known…There are too many things wrong today with the conservatives.Not that I like the liberals any better..They both are delusional…What we need is a third option…But that is hardly available..

In the 21st century I don’t think there should be any arguments against teaching evolution in textbooks…Or against abortion.. The problem is that such yo-yo’s become presidents ..What kind of decisions do you expect from them ?

My company transferred me to India for 3 years.. I have also worked in Australia , Israel and the UAE…(Dubai, Abu-Dhabi)... We learnt in high school that the Indian society is ultra-conservative.. I did not find that..The parents had absolutely no objection to real science being taught at school.. In fact evolution is not even an issue there ..Even the people who were described (THE Bramins) as ultra-cons were very modern in there world view.. India has a serious issue of bad governance..And even worse bureaucracy ..But the people have evolved a way to work around the troubles ..They push their kids to work hard, save money etc.. Drugs,alcohol and tobacco is a social taboo .I ll be returning to the US again and I ll be in senior management .. I believe that in the coming years our governments will worsen .. We ll have to learn to adapt and function efficiently , in spite of the moron’s that rule us.. And in that we can learn a whole lot from the Indian’s. They have seen worse politicians than we can even imagine ...Some of the management tricks I learnt there has enabled me to save huge money for the company ..

RE: William Shatner. So you are hoping Pakistan’s two major provinces Sindh and Bolochistan to break-up and become independent countries. Well i also hope in my life time i get to witness the United Snakes of America suffer a total economy meltdown! I dream it leads the USA to split in 25 countries. Fingerscross, the road America has taken up in the past ten years, slowy but surely is leading them on that track.. The WORLD would be a much peaceful place, full of love and harmony. America is the problem to every global conflict by providing all sort of weapons, remote control devices, suicide vests, cash and training to terrorist organistions, including in Afghanistan, Pakistan (NWFP, Bolochistan, Karachi MQM) Somalia, Sudan and IRA, just to name a few, that is why Pakistan’s ISI wants you guys to shove off from our region, you Americans are the real back stabbers and are playing double games with pakistan military for past ten years! Why should Pakistan army fight the (haqqani group) when your own military and genrals are holding peace talks with the same party.  You Americans have a dirty eye for both Karachi and Bolochistan seaports, Iran/Pakistan gas pipe deal and our Nuclear assets and much much more.. Three weeks ago Pakistan police caught your contractors building an unlegal bullet proof (bunker) inside Islamabad- what you got to say bout that? What was that for go clean your own dirt before throwing mud on others! Finally i also hope your new and only friends in (sth asia) India breaks into (five) countries? Mumbai should become a country for muslims, i wish punjab becomes khalistan, a country for sikhs Kolkata a country for Bengalis, Chennai a country for Madrasis and I pray occupied Kashmir becomes a free country called - Kashmir!

Egos make humans blind and also angry.

It is time for border lifting and become united one world, not divided.
We need great leader-ship with forgiving attitude without too negative metalities.

Re: Border lifting. I don’t know which country your from but will like to tell you this? The US have the biggest egos, that’s why there defeated forces are still hanging around in Afghanistan. At the moment the Amercian shadow is hanging all over the world, especially in Middle east, Africa and Sth Asia, with not the best ettentions in mind. So it’s definetly no time to lift borders how you are suggesting above, for now let’s leave your storys to books and dreams, wake up and notice we are leaving in a ‘greedy world’ full of propaganda, back stabbing, media crap and about power. If your still intrested then I would advise you to make an appeal to your own country to lift it’s borders for all, you could also get your fellow country man and women to sign up and make a voice.

Dear AJ,
Thanks for your comment in the reality of today!
Events of both the tomorrow and yesterday is now only in thoughts. Nothingelse but positive dreams and thoughts can change tomorrow’s world to be better. And we need to use our humanly virtue of forgiveness-which lies idle in the conscience of each life born as a human-being.
I was born in Bangladesh and now here I may only hope and pray, our support will help Obama’s futuristic deep visions get reborn for one or two more decades only (e.g. Current Vice president takes the leader-ship in 2017) and the bordering countries, such as: India-Bangladesh; Iran-Iraq; Canada-USA and gradually other pieces of lands (separations were initiated and are now in the minds of public emotion manipulator: leader-ships only)  become one piece of land; a modern and better form of new world under virtual one unbiased UN-power financed by the public from all corners of the world with minimum living standard for each hard working human being.

Attached below an excerpt from my postings in International News Papers re: Declaring Amnesty and how it could have positive impact on peaceful natural or cosmic transitions of brutal powers and generate push and solutions from our wise human end.
Obama just needs a little more time and support!

Attachment:...................We became late in announcing amnesty for this bad guy, to facilitate peaceful surrendering of too many bad heads in the Eastern powers and now have no voice on catching the brutal killers of terrorist leaders.
Every human on earth knows that God is great! It is the terroristic tone that is disturbing when some belief-blinds screem out Allahu akber, alaluiah etc..

It’s not the old world anymore where terrorists would become national heroes. The killed bodies of terrorists doesn’t have to be buried on a secret place.
Would you please try to include arts of humanitarian works and initiatives too in education and academy awards etc; without which science is meaningless in our human existence?

There is not much to further discover above 350 km above this planet without global public participation!
Religious tones are dangerous for humanity and must remain confined inside home in practice but not in a country’s political level.

—Expressed with friendly feelings and without prejudice!


NIce ettentions and good fought shahisim. But sorry mate,  i will still stick to my comments that i edited (in reply to your msg earlier in the day) I’m afraid I have to repeat it the sad fact again? Where living in a world today full of back stabbers, propaganda, courupt media and greedy superpowers. Today we cannot trust our own (blood) brother let alone India-Pakistan, Iran- Iraq, China- India or whoever it might be,  living side by side without having border restrictions. Until the United nations and the world powerful countries such as America, China, Russia, France and UK don’t sort the real root of world issues today such as (Kashmir and Palastine) ithere would be no peace. I belive the US really needs to change polices and stop killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Pakistan ‘s (NWFP) it’s not helping if you take a look at the past ten years the US has used force and killed many thousands, but ten years on terrorists or freedom fighters (whatever you call them) ain’t finished, today they are in a position of more strength - by bombing, and killing more innocents than (terrorists)  the Americans have contributed and made more jihadis.

I wrote about today’s events long ago.
They were then, in the forms of thoughts only.
Attached excerpts you may like to read:
After close and refined observation of my Canadian or “good and bad parts of our AmeriCanda” (although at present, unofficially both are of the similar economic, cultural conditions and values etc., may become a proposed joint-name for a borderless piece of land of North America…...........
am writing about all the above and following ‘highly beneficial to the public (and ensuing global public) interests’ with a very sincere intention of helping everybody including myself by my accidental discoveries of how a “breaking new form of governance” can rapidly and easily make the world a much safer and better peaceful place by only the generosity of the Crown. The change is quickly possible by the Above Crown only because any other actual head of governments among all of the governments of the world is in comparison, either less strong or more unstable. And the weaknesses of the fake-benevolent power holders in the name of governance are noticeable in the upcoming uprisings of many countries (A to Z; e.g.: recent Egypt) which are slowly, at these globally current developing stages of communication, generating enough awareness for the ensuing ‘more than ever transparency seeking global public’.

I am once again attempting to clear confusion, if there is any for anyone, by affirming that it is not a topic of bloody revolution but an possible easy and peaceful method of finding solutions, in advance, for inevitable conflicts between ‘old styled governance in the disguise of the public representatives’ and ensuing ‘new informed global public’ by removing destructive mentalities, first from our Canadian Government, then USA and eventually from the rest of the world to transform the planet earth into one peaceful ‘Humanitarian-Global-Village’: where there won’t be built nuclear and all types of mankind-killing weapons anymore and anywhere in any part or piece of a land or country of this world; internationally or nationally official lies won’t continue to be legalized and majority of public, in general sense (of currently ‘developed countries’ and future-‘one Global Village’) do not have to lie, in imbalanced manners, on a daily basis regarding almost all matters concerning commonplaces. Good governance will, surely and nevertheless, still be needed but more desperately for the reformed new ‘ones’ and my personal opinion is: the Crown of Canada can become better than anyone, therefore, why look for better? Just recognize humanly greed to make it an open secret for both the gainers and the observers and at the same time let it be balanced and tolerated. Instead of dreaming of importing something of unknown back ground, ‘keep the familiar old Crown without risk’ and just for the purpose of maintaining royal luxuries, provide it with enough Canadian minerals and oil fields (a few capitalist shrewd human will always, in any given time, be in the possession of these), in an open secret manner, and it will survive and protect self and all of ours AmeriCanda. Others with much more of resources or minerals and oil fields (or religious earnings) etc. shall inevitably be in serious troubles with ensuing “new global public with improved ‘belief system(s)’ inside their brains” and may perish forever from the (‘old-styled-systems’-generated in a ‘self-destructive default vicious cycle’ and simultaneously based on it) collective blind beliefs of limited numbered groups of human beings.

Please be informed that all the material, semi-material and unnatural things on this planet are nothing but products of human creativities of mortal minds. Making of primary laws by wise individuals {including the ones made by human in the name (fraudulently) of Omni-powerful: Creator} were necessary to achieve control over and maintain balance, in the positive direction, of personal interests and activities of uncivilized populations of the past. At this current century, We (Canada-America and the developed west) are either heading towards imbalanced-state of extremity or somehow being misdirected by human negativities or greed of money, powers etc. and the rest of the rapidly-developing world(3rd) will soon follow the same trend unless we (ours AmeriCanda) do something great soon
to maintain our greatness and moreover, for the sake of our own recognition as the greatest of all. If we fail to avail the opportunity soonest by modernizing our, once-secret and now open, methods (avoiding all kinds of hidden dishonesties) of governance to establish better than what is being copied by or we have taught the ‘Third world’, then we may either have to compromise our leading status or let our flag become only a permanent symbol of lost glory.

Re: Shahism. You say in your comments above, that you wrote about todays events long ago. But what has changed since? Today the world is in even a far more mess. And your talking of a free wotld without border restrictions - what nonesense! I definetly agree with AJ’s comments when he replied to your message. (It sounds harsh but it’s the truth, that is the world we are living in today) full of conflicts, border disputes and greed in this current situation there is no chance of trusting any loyal friend or country, for now let’s leave all hope and wishes to foughts and dreams. I am from Pakistan, and there is no chance at this current time of war in Afghanistan would we feel safe to open all borders to and from Afghanistan or infact India. India and China will both feel the same aswel. I would also like to add, the way the world is going at this present time (you and me) will not see your dream come true in our lifetime because it’s gona take a hell of a long time to fix and unite a divided world.

While America, are relaxing and looking to spread more war in Afghanistan and across Pakistan’s NWFP, not in a billion years would Pakistan feel comfortable until all foreign forces are out! Pakistan who has been fighting another US led war (a dangerous war)  in our region for past ten years. Pakistan have suffered they as frontline US ally’s in war on terror have lost 35.000 innocent civilians caught up in bombs and suicide attacks, 5.000 police personnel have sacrificed there lives, well as 8.000 army officers killed, 100.000 people. Have been left homeless in NWFP during Pakistan armies sucessful operations against militants and 70 billion has been wiped of the economy that’s a lot for a devolping nation like Pakistan, foreign investments has also been destroyed. In return Pakistan gets peanuts from America? (Including the kerry lauger bill) now i am a firm beliver that until America exsists in Afghanistan peace and prosper will not come to Pakistan’s door step. Pakistan nation in the past ten years has suffered so much. . But in return Pakistan is humiliated by (western news channels, media and our brave army and ISI become a worldwide target, how gutted and fustrating for all Pakistanis. Is Pakistan’s ISI the only active agency in the world to have contacts or links with freedom fighters, jihadis, terrorist cells or any other non-state actor in there respected region? My own answer is NO! Honestly can anyone come here and tell me or (us) that the CIA, MI6, Mossad or Raw in past or present did or does not have any contact with the cells or groups i have mentioned above, regionally or for some agencies globally? Every agency works for its own countries welfare protecting its borders, civilians, national intrests, assets internally and externally. No cival state wants to be a part of or a friend with terrorists but for borders and regional reasons some elements in the military got to be aware of and keep in touch with theses non- state actors.America’s (CIA does it, Israels (Mossad does it, UK MI6 does it, as does India’s Raw. So why not Pakistan’s ISI? I could give a breif description and link some very familiar groups and history with all the active agencies listed above but let’s save it for another day or arguement, besides all my respected American, English and Indian friends on this page don’t need me to teach history! Pakistan has sacrificed so much, but still all this propaganda.

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