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Our Tax Cut Chart

Feb. 13, 10:55p.m.: This post was updated to reflect that the Senate voted for the stimulus package.

 The House approved the economic stimulus plan Friday afternoon with a vote of 246 to 183, followed by the Senate with a vote of 60 to 38. Want to know what’s in it? You could read the 1,071-page gorilla that passed today. Or you could let us do the work for you. We’ve dissected the beast in two charts – one for spending, and one for taxes.

See the spending provisions here.

See the provisions on taxes, unemployment, health, and state fiscal relief here.


Very nice to have this information in such a readily accessible form.  Curious to know how the investments and tax cuts are distributed across infra, education, business, etc. I dumped the numbers you provide in a spreadsheet and came up with the following.  The total comes to $799 B rather than the $787B we’ve been hearing from other sources.  Is this a difference between house, senate and conference versions?

Categories of Investment         Amount

Transportation and Infrastructure   $98,325,000,000
Aid to State and Local Governments   $58,355,000,000
Education                   $48,420,000,000
Energy                         $41,400,000,000
Aid to People Affected by Economic
Downturn                   $36,910,807,000
Health Care                   $18,830,000,000
Science and Technology             $13,142,000,000
Other                         $2,147,000,000
Business                     $870,000,000
Accountability                     $323,500,000

Categories of Tax Cuts             Amount  
Tax Relief for Individuals       $246,869,000,000
Aid to State and Local Governments   $95,136,000,000
Aid to People Affected by the Economic
Downturn                   $62,310,000,000
Health Care                   $20,352,000,000
Renewable Energy Tax Credits         $19,968,000,000
Infrastructure Financing Tools         $19,350,000,000
Other Tax Relief               $6,858,000,000
Tax Incentives for Businesses         $6,150,000,000
Business                   $3,540,000,000

TOTAL                       $799,256,307,000

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