Are you one of the lucky folks attending the giant football fiesta set for Sunday in Miami? If so, ProPublica's got a mission for you.

The culmination of the NFL season is also a well-oiled junket for our nation's political big shots. We've been gathering intelligence on which public officials are planning to be there, yet some remain as non-committal as a bad boyfriend.

So we're asking for your help. If you spot Big Game -- lawmakers, lobbyists or other Washington power brokers -- in or around the Big Game, snap their pictures and send them to us. Think Gawker Stalker meets C-SPAN.

The rest is so easy you won't even have to put down your brat.

Send the photos, along with details on where and when they were taken, to, or post them to your personal blog and send us the link. Include your phone number if you wouldn't mind one of our reporters calling with follow-up questions.

The photos will be shared with ProPublica reporters and may be posted to our Web site. And who knows? Maybe that familiar-looking woman behind you in line for the lady's room will turn out to be Barbara Boxer.