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This Is What ProPublica Is Now Covering

As President Trump takes office, we’re sharing what many of our reporters are digging into.

Today is the first day of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Like many in journalism, we’ve been thinking hard these past few months about where and how we should focus our newsroom.

Our work remains the same as when we started nine years ago: hard-hitting, rigorous journalism that exposes wrongdoing and injustices — and that can bring change.

But we’re going to do it by adding new areas to tackle. We’re going to be digging deep into the most pressing issues involving our country and our new president.

Why are we sharing what we’re working on? Because we want your help.

If you have tips, documents, data or stories on any these issues, contact us. You can email reporters directly, or contact the newsroom overall. Here is a list of ways to deliver information to us as confidentially, safely and securely as possible.

Here are things our reporters are covering and how to reach them:

Conflicts of Interest

Recent reporting: Trump’s 10 Troubling Deals With Foreign Power Players

Jesse Eisinger

“I’m reporting on business in the age of Trump, with a focus on conflicts of interest.”

Cezary Podkul

“I’m going to be reporting on Wall Street. Contact me about industry efforts to weaken the Dodd-Frank Act.”

Derek Kravitz

“I oversee research and am compiling documents and data on the Trump administration.”

Civil Rights and the Protection Thereof

Recent reporting: Street Hustle: The Truth Behind the ‘New’ Police Tool for Confronting Fentanyl Menace

Ryan Gabrielson

“Help me find where the legal system is failing the promise of equal protection of life and liberty.”

Patrick Lee

“I’ll be focusing on immigration and LGBT issues. If you want to share your story, email me.”

The Military and Vets

Recent reporting: Lawmakers to Pentagon: Goats, Carpets and Jewelry Helped Afghanistan How?

Megan Rose

"I cover the military for ProPublica. Help me dig into national security, procurement and the VA.”

Fair Elections and the Right to Vote

Recent reporting: Electionland: Monitoring access to the vote in real time

Topher Sanders

“I’m covering voter suppression. I want those secret emails and documents. Hook me up. It will stay between me and you.”

Jessica Huseman

“In 2017, I’m covering voting rights and fair elections. Help me find places making it harder to vote.”

Derek Willis

“I build websites to help readers know more about elections and how Congress works.”

Hate Crimes and Extremism

Recent reporting: Introducing Documenting Hate; Hate Crimes are Up — But the Government Isn’t Keeping Good Track of Them

A.C. Thompson

“I’m helping to lead our Documenting Hate project, and I’m reporting on extremist movements. If you have information about neo-Nazis, white supremacists, white nationalists, or militias, hit me up.”

Ken Schwencke

“I’m digging into America’s poor record on tracking hate crimes.”

Lena Groeger

“I’m working on our project to document hate crimes.”

The Realities of Health Care

Recent reporting: Pharma Money Reaches Guideline Writers, Patient Groups, Even Doctors on Twitter

Marshall Allen

“I’m investigating the waste and overtreatment that contribute to our crushing health care costs. Please share your tips and ideas."

Charles Ornstein

“Leak to me about health care quality, the VA and drug prices.”

Politics, Influence Peddling and “the Swamp”

Recent reporting: When a Study Cast Doubt on a Heart Pill, the Drug Company Turned to Tom Price

Alec MacGillis

“I’m digging into trade, infrastructure, labor, the social safety net, and federal bureaucracy.”

Robert Faturechi

“I’m digging into the lobbying fight over health care.”

Consumer Finance and Protections

Recent reporting: Trump’s Treasury Pick Excelled at Kicking Elderly People Out of Their Homes

Paul Kiel

“The new administration seems likely to loosen consumer protection rules, and I’ll be watching closely to see how lenders and debt collectors take advantage.”

Workers’ Interests

Recent reporting: How Trump Could Kill a Plan to Get You Overtime Pay

Justin Elliott

“I’m covering how the Trump administration’s policies affect workers. Have ideas? Tips? Documents? Email me.”

Peter Gosselin

“I cover aging. I’m digging into age discrimination in employment.”

Technology and Privacy

Recent reporting: Facebook Lets Advertisers Exclude Users by Race

Julia Angwin

“I write about the impact of technology on society. I’m digging into privacy, algorithms and big data and artificial intelligence.”

Immigration and the Border

Recent reporting: For Mexican Towns Attacked by Cartel, Few Answers and No Justice

Michael Grabell

“I’m digging into immigration and trade. If you’ve been affected or have story ideas, email me.”

Ginger Thompson

“I plan to write about what’s actually happening at the border — on both sides.”

For-Profit Education, Charters, and Choice

Recent reporting: New Jersey’s Student Loan Program is ‘State-Sanctioned Loan-Sharking

Annie Waldman

“I’m digging into vouchers, charters, student debt and for-profit colleges. Have any ideas, tips, or documents? Contact me.”

Heather Vogell

“I investigate K–12 education. Think something’s wrong? Email me tips and documents. I’m particularly interested in alternative schools and the for-profit companies that manage them.”

Climate Change and the Environment

Recent reporting: Will Trump’s Climate Team Accept Any ‘Social Cost of Carbon’?

Andy Revkin

“I cover climate. I’m tracking how the GOP surge will change relevant initiatives, from agencies to classrooms to boardrooms.”

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