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Charles Ornstein on Anderson Cooper 360

Frontline Re-Airs NOPD Shootings Investigation

Tonight, PBS stations across the country will re-broadcast the Law & Disorder documentary.

How News Organizations are Using Dollars for Docs Data—And How You Can Too

News organizations across the country are continuing to generate their own stories using our Dollars for Docs data.

Steal Our Stories, Please!

ProPublica Wins Online Journalism Award

Loan Mod Reporting Matchmaker Project Works for PBS's NewsHour

As part of our loan mod Reporting Matchmaker Project, ProPublica connected PBS's NewsHour with a family to discuss their 17-month ordeal applying for a loan modification.

How News Organizations Can Localize Coverage From 'Dollars for Docs'

Newspapers across the country localized our "Dollars for Docs" investigation for their communities.

ProPublica Editor Paul Steiger Discusses Emerging Ethical Questions for Journalists

Paul Steiger offers his thoughts about some of the new ethical questions that need to be addressed by members of the news media as part of the McGill lecture series at the University of Georgia.

Dollars for Docs Media Roundup

Media appearances by Tracy Weber and Charles Ornstein.

Dafna Linzer Discusses Judge’s Extraordinary Gitmo Rulings

Senior reporter Dafna Linzer will be a guest on "Democracy Now!" to explain how a federal judge's ruling in a Guantanamo detainee case was accidentally made public.

ProPublica Named Finalist for Four Online Journalism Awards

The finalists for the Online Journalism Awards were announced today, and once again, ProPublica made the cut.

What You Need to Know About Hydrofracking

PBS "Need to Know" Focuses on hydraulic fracturing.

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