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In order to get a complete picture of the facilities and the children inside, we need your help.

Are you a current or former employee of a facility? Do you have more information, or do you know of a location that has not yet come to light? Have you been detained at such a place? Here is a map of the migrant children’s shelters near you.

We won’t publish any information you share without your permission. The form below is submitted via HTTPS, which means nobody can read what you submit except for us (and ScreenDoor, the service that hosts our submission forms). Someone listening to your internet connection might know you’re submitting a form, but they can’t read what you write. If you’d rather talk on Signal or WhatsApp, which are more secure, send a message to 347-244-2134.

Do you know a child in a detention center or shelter facility? Let us know.

Want to get in touch with us confidentially? Here are more ways to to send information to ProPublica.