ProPublica would like to hear from people who have worked at the Internal Revenue Service or are otherwise knowledgeable about tax enforcement. Reporters Jesse Eisinger and Paul Kiel want to understand whether the IRS is capably and effectively enforcing the nation’s tax laws, particularly in light of changes at the agency over the past 10 years — most notably budget cuts and staff reductions. We’d like to talk with both current employees and people who have left the agency, even if it was some time ago.

We are particularly interested in hearing from employees who are, or were, involved in audits of the wealthy or of larger corporations, but that is not our sole focus. Drop us a line if you are, or were, a revenue agent, revenue officer, special agent, economist, or if you worked in appeals, the Office of Chief Counsel or another job related to enforcement.

And, if you are an outside tax professional who deals with the IRS or a taxpayer with a story to tell, we are all ears.

The form below is for ProPublica’s eyes only. We won’t publish anything or share details with anyone else without your permission. If you’d rather talk on Signal, which is more secure, send a message to reporter Paul Kiel at 347-573-3039 or Jesse Eisinger at 718-496-5233.