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Help Report on The American Red Cross In Your Community
by Justin Elliott
ProPublica, Dec. 14, 2015, 11:15 am

Since 2008, the American Red Cross has eliminated thousands of jobs and closed hundreds of local chapters. As ProPublica reported, government officials and Red Cross insiders say the changes have eroded the charity’s ability to deliver relief after disasters, particularly in rural areas.

Help us and potentially other news organizations report on this issue. Have you noticed a change in Red Cross services in your community in recent years? Are disaster victims’ needs being met?

If you have any information regarding this issue or a response to those questions, you can help us in several ways.

Reporters: If you are interested in reporting on the American Red Cross in your community, sign up to ProPublica’s reporting network and we may be able to match you up with relevant sources.

If you have experience with or information about the American Red Cross, including its financial and statistical reporting, you can help us in several ways.


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Help Report on The American Red Cross In Your Community

If you've worked for the Red Cross, or received assistance from the organization, we'd like to talk to you.