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Have You Experienced Homelessness? Do You Work With People Who Have? Tell Us About Encampment Removals.

We’re investigating what happens when local agencies remove homeless encampments and take belongings from the people living in them — an increasingly common practice across the country.

Idaho Legislature Approves $2 Billion for Schools to Repair and Replace Aging Buildings

The funding was pledged by Gov. Brad Little after an Idaho Statesman and ProPublica investigation showed students learning in poor conditions. Educators say it’s only a start to fixing decades-old problems.

Help ProPublica Report on Education

ProPublica is building a network of educators, students, parents and other experts to help guide our reporting about education. Take a few minutes to join our source network and share what you know.

Idaho Resolution Would Aim to Lower Voting Threshold to Pass School Bonds

Under restrictive school funding policies, Idaho districts struggle to repair and replace deteriorating buildings. If voters agree, the proposal would, in some elections, reduce the two-thirds threshold needed to pass bonds for school repairs.

Idaho Hasn’t Assessed School Buildings for 30 Years. Students and Educators Helped Us Do It Ourselves.

To understand the problems plaguing underfunded schools in Idaho, we surveyed 115 superintendents, toured 39 buildings and collected accounts from hundreds of students, parents and teachers.

Falling Apart

Students and Educators in Idaho Show Us What It’s Like When a State Fails to Fund School Repairs

Ayúdenos a informar sobre las deterioradas escuelas públicas de Idaho

El Idaho Statesman y ProPublica quieren enterarse de las condiciones dentro de las escuelas del estado.

Idaho: Help Us Show Readers and Officials Issues With Your School Building

The Idaho Statesman and ProPublica have reported on poor conditions in school buildings. Here’s how to get in touch with your own stories and photos.

Have a Student in New Mexico Schools? Here Is What to Know About How School Discipline Works.

We heard from families who said the school disciplinary process is hard to understand. Here is what you need to know about discipline in Gallup-McKinley County Schools and other school districts in New Mexico.

Help Us Investigate Museums’ Failure to Return Native American Human Remains and Cultural Items

Do you know about how museums and other institutions are handling the repatriation of Native American human remains and cultural items under NAGPRA? We want to hear from you.

Behind ProPublica’s Reporting on Repatriation

Our reporters answer frequently asked questions about The Repatriation Project from leaders and citizens of tribal nations.

Does Your Local Museum or University Still Have Native American Remains?

Three decades after legislation pushed for the return of Native American remains to Indigenous communities, many of the nation’s top museums and universities still have thousands of human remains in their collections. Check on institutions near you.

America’s Biggest Museums Fail to Return Native American Human Remains

The remains of more than 100,000 Native Americans are held by prestigious U.S. institutions, despite a 1990 law meant to return them to tribal nations. Here’s how the ancestors were stolen — and how tribes are working to get them back.

This School District Is Ground Zero for Harsh Discipline of Native Students in New Mexico

In Gallup-McKinley County Schools, wearing the wrong color shirt can get you written up for “gang-related activity.” Banging on a window is bullying. The district is responsible for most of New Mexico’s disproportionate expulsions of Native students.

For Black Families in Phoenix, Child Welfare Investigations Are a Constant Threat

One in three Black children in Maricopa County, Arizona, faced a child welfare investigation over a five-year period, leaving many families in a state of dread. Some parents are pushing back.

How to Help People Vote in the 2022 Midterm Elections

Here are some ways you can help spread factual information about voting rights and resources ahead of the midterms.

ووٹ ڈالنے کا طریقہ: ایک فوری اور آسان رہنمائی

انگریزی نہ پڑھ پانے یا نہ لکھ پانے کے باوجود آپ کے پاس ووٹ ڈالنے کا حق ہے۔ یہ رہنمائی آپ کو مدد طلب کرنے، ووٹ ڈالنے کے طریقے اور مسائل ہونے پر کیا کرنا ہے اس بارے میں آپ کےحقوق کے بارے میں بتائے گا۔

كيفية التصويت: دليل سريع وبسيط

يحق لك التصويت حتى لو كنت لا تجيد التحدّث أو القراءة بالإنجليزية. وسيطلعك هذا الدليل على حقك بطلب المساعدة، وكيفية التصويت، وما يمكنك فعله إذا ما واجهتَ مشاكل في التصويت.





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