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To Cope with Sequester, Justice Department Staffs Unpaid Attorneys

DOJ has defended hiring of unpaid special assistant U.S. attorneys, who do much of the same work as their paid counterparts.

When Is It OK to Not Pay an Intern?

Is your unpaid summer internship illegal? A breakdown of the laws on working for free.

The Best Stories on the Government’s Growing Surveillance

For background on the National Security Agency’s collection of phone and web records, here’s the best reporting on what else the government has been tracking.

Five Ways Congress is Trying to Curb Rape in the Military

A breakdown of the key proposals, and the debate they’re stirring on Capitol Hill.

Transcript: What's Going on at Gitmo?

The Most Important #Muckreads on Rape in the Military

A new Pentagon report says 26,000 service members were sexually assaulted in 2012. For context, we’ve rounded up some of the best journalism on sexual assault in the U.S. armed forces.

Is Obama Delivering on His Promise of a “21st Century” Approach to Drugs?

As Obama and the US drug czar roll out their 2013 plan, here’s a look at what’s in it, and what they’ve done so far.

Billions Proposed for New Border Security. Where Would the Money Go?

The Senate’s immigration overhaul would allocate $4.5 billion in new border spending. We take a look at the current proposal, and how border money’s been spent (and wasted) in the past.

Six Claims on Detainee Torture, Skewered

Here’s a breakdown of last week’s scathing report on the U.S.’s “indisputable” use of torture after 9/11.

Are California Prisons Punishing Inmates Based on Race?

State officials say they need to protect inmates from race-based gang violence. But a lawsuit says frequent lockdowns smack of segregation.

Discussion: Who Prosecutes the Prosecutors?

Criminal Injustice: The Best Reporting on Wrongful Convictions (#MuckReads)

We've rounded up the best MuckReads on faulty criminal trials: from prosecutors suppressing evidence, to the convicted's continued struggle after exoneration.

Discussion: How Do Data Brokers Impact You?

Is This Man the Next Pope? A Guide to the Best Stories on Cardinal Sean O'Malley

Here's what you should know about the man some say could be the next leader of the Catholic Church.

A Graphic Guide to the Sequester

From the budget terms you need to know to how it impacts your state, the best interactives on the looming budget cuts.

Can Vote-By-Mail Fix Those Long Lines At The Polls?

A big potential drawback to the convenience of absentee and mail voting: Studies show that ballots are rejected at a higher rate than for voters who brave the wait at polling places.

Graphing the Great Gun Debate

Some of the best graphics on guns, from where they’re purchased to the laws governing how they’re used.

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