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Christie Thompson was an intern at ProPublica. She studied journalism at Northwestern University, and has written for The Nation, The Chicago Reporter and

Obama Says We Need to Fix Voting Lines. But How?

Researchers say simply expanding voting hours and shortening ballots isn’t enough. The U.S. needs to overhaul how they decide to allocate resources on Election Day.

Disparate Impact and Fair Housing: Seven Cases You Should Know

Last week, the Obama administration formalized the legal standard it has used to enforce fair housing laws and hold banks accountable for discriminating against minorities. Here’s an overview of key cases from the foreclosure crisis.

The Best Reporting on Mental Trauma and the U.S. Military (#MuckReads)

We’ve compiled some of the best journalism on the mental traumas faced by a generation of servicemen and women, and the military’s struggle to treat them.

The Best Reporting on Redistricting Shenanigans (#MuckReads)

We’ve rounded up some of the best reporting on how the parties have tried to influence both congressional and state electoral maps — and, in most cases, gotten away with it — for political gain.

Hacktivism: Civil Disobedience or Cyber Crime?

Are activists like Aaron Swartz committing civil disobedience, or online crimes? We break down a few strategies of “hacktivism” to see what is considered criminal under the CFAA.

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