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When Therapists Lose Their Licenses, Some Turn to the Unregulated Life Coaching Industry Instead

Despite past misconduct, some former therapists have continued their careers as life coaches. Now, after a high-profile conviction in Utah, legislators are asking whether it’s time for more oversight.

¿Preocupada por su visita al ginecobstetra? Una guía sobre lo que debería suceder —y lo que no debería suceder.

Luego de informar sobre la conducta sexual inapropiada por parte de ginecobstetras, muchas mujeres nos dijeron que no sabían lo que era normal. Con la ayuda de proveedores, pacientes y expertos, creamos esta guía.

Mujeres de Utah intentaron denunciar agresiones sexuales a la policía. Dicen que enfrentaron retrasos y barreras lingüísticas.

Mujeres, todas inmigrantes mexicanas, acudieron a la policía de Provo para denunciar al ginecobstetra David Broadbent por agresión sexual. Experimentaron demoras, confusión y negaciones en sus informes debido a la falta de servicios en español.

Utah Women Tried to Report Sexual Assaults to Police. They Say They Faced Delays and Language Barriers.

Several women, all Mexican immigrants, went to the Provo police to report OB-GYN David Broadbent for sexual assault. They experienced delays, confusion and denials over their reports due to the department’s lack of Spanish-language services.

Utah Therapist Arrested for Allegedly Sexually Abusing Patients During Sessions

Scott Owen, who was considered an expert in helping struggling gay Latter-day Saint men, is accused of assaulting his patients.

Ella confió en su primer ginecobstetra porque hablaba español. Ahora es una de las 94 mujeres que lo demandan por agresión sexual.

La Corte Suprema del estado de Utah escuchará esta semana los argumentos del caso, que determinarán si lo que 94 mujeres dicen haber experimentado fue agresión sexual o negligencia médica.

She Trusted Her First OB-GYN Because He Spoke Spanish. Now She’s 1 of 94 Women Suing Him for Sexual Assault.

The Utah Supreme Court this week is hearing arguments in the case, which will determine if what 94 women say they experienced was sexual assault or medical malpractice.

These Men Say Their Utah Therapist Touched Them Inappropriately During Sessions Paid for by the LDS Church

A spokesperson for the church said it does not vet the therapists its bishops recommend and pay for, saying “it is up to church members” to “make their own decisions.”

Concerned About Your OB-GYN Visit? A Guide to What Should Happen — and What Shouldn’t.

As we’ve reported on sexual misconduct by OB-GYNs, many women told us they didn’t know what was normal. With the help of providers, patients and experts, we created this guide.

A Utah Therapist Built a Reputation for Helping Gay Latter-day Saints. These Men Say He Sexually Abused Them.

Several patients complained to the church or the state licensing board about inappropriate touching during therapy sessions. It was years before the therapist gave up his license.

Utah’s Secretive Medical Malpractice Panels Make It Even Harder to Sue Providers

Prelitigation panels are meant to judge the merit of a complaint against a provider ahead of a lawsuit. But some attorneys see them as “nothing more than an obstruction” for victims.

Ayude a ProPublica y The Salt Lake Tribune a investigar las agresiones sexuales en Utah

Estamos reportando sobre las agresiones sexuales por parte de profesionales. Puede llenar nuestro formulario confidencial que incluimos a continuación para informarnos acerca de profesionales e instituciones de atención médica sobre los que piensa que deberíamos informar.

94 mujeres alegan que un médico de Utah las agredió sexualmente. Esta es la razón por la que un juez desestimó su caso.

Cuando docenas de mujeres demandaron a su ginecoobstetra por agresión sexual, un juez dijo que el caso estaba bajo la ley estatal de negligencia médica. Mientras las mujeres apelan, los legisladores se están preguntando si esa ley debería modificarse.

Legislators Vote to Fix Utah Law That Made It Hard for Some Sexual Assault Survivors to Sue

The vote last week helps those assaulted in medical settings. But it won’t help the 94 women whose suit brought the issue to light.

Help ProPublica and The Salt Lake Tribune Investigate Sexual Assault in Utah

We’re reporting on sexual assault by health care professionals, an issue we highlighted in our story about a Provo OB-GYN who was sued by nearly 100 women who said he sexually assaulted them during treatments.

94 Women Allege a Utah Doctor Sexually Assaulted Them. Here’s Why a Judge Threw Out Their Case.

When dozens of women sued their OB-GYN for sexual assault, a judge said the case falls under the state’s medical malpractice law. As the women appeal, lawmakers are asking whether that law should be changed.

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