2020 Political Ad Collector

How Political Advertisers Target You on Facebook

She Came to New York to Help Fight COVID. She Walked Into a “War Movie.”

Sarah Higgins, a dermatology nurse, arrived in late March and was assigned to the hard-hit Elmhurst Hospital in Queens. These are her words.

Three New Partners Selected for ProPublica’s Local Reporting Network

Reporters in Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania will join the network on April 1, bringing the total number of newsrooms and projects this year to 23.

¿Cómo está afectando el coronavirus tu trabajo o tu vida diaria? Cuéntanos tu historia.

Si tus ingresos dependen de lo que haces día a día o tu oficio tiene que ver directamente con la crisis generada por esta nueva pandemia, queremos que nos cuentes para hacer escuchar tu voz.

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