Money is Speech: A Musical History of Campaign Finance

Our latest explainer video, on the storied history of money in politics.

Rare Agreement: Obama, Romney, Ryan All Endorse Retraining for Jobless—But Are They Right?

After GM shut its venerable assembly plant in Paul Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, WI, throngs of laid-off workers got blue-ribbon retraining. The Big Surprise: Data shows they’re doing less well, so far, than those who didn't go back to school.

Inside the Janesville Data

We combined two datasets from the State of Wisconsin and another from Blackhawk Technical College to track how laid-off workers who retrained at the school fared in finding jobs compared with those in the same area who got no such schooling. The study is the first of its kind in the United States since the wave of long-term unemployment set off by recent recession.

Resource: Dealing With The Media

A patient safety advocate shares lessons she’s learned about journalism with others who have suffered medical harm.

Resource: Finding Unexpected Allies

How a mother whose child died from medical error moved beyond her pain to protect other patients.

What’s Happening in Libya: A Guide to the Best Coverage

We’ve rounded up the best reporting and stories on yesterday’s killings and post-war Libya.

Emails on Alves' Employment and Payment

Echoes of Clinton-era Scandal in a Las Vegas Sands Email

A senior Las Vegas Sands executive raised questions about the company's possible dealings with Ng Lap Seng, a central figure in a 1990s scheme to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash from China to Democratic candidates.

Correspondence Between the FTC and ProPublica

Video: Oscar Reunites With His Father

Last week, we published stories about a father and son who’d been separated for nearly 30 years after a massacre at their Guatemalan village. Tranquilino Castañeda, now 70, believed his youngest son Alfredo -- now called Oscar -- was dead. On Monday, they reunited -- and Castañeda met his grandchildren for the first time.

How We Reported Oscar’s Story

FCC E-Rate Audits

ProPublica Wins Overseas Press Club Award

Latest News Corp. Investigation Emails

Report your findings in over 160 News Corp. internal emails released today

Selfless Tee Offers ProPublica T-Shirts

We're very happy to announce a partnership with the folks at Selfless Tee to produce ProPublica T-shirts.

No Forensic Background? No Problem

There are no national standards for forensic experts. This is how I, a journalism grad student, became certified by the American College of Forensic Examiners International, a leading provider of forensic credentials.

Ask Paul Kiel Your Questions on the Foreclosure Crisis

Six million American homeowners are facing foreclosure. Tomorrow, reporter Paul Kiel will field your questions about this mess.

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