ProPublica Is Seeking New Applicants for Its Local Reporting Network

We are looking to work with three more newsrooms, for a year beginning in April 2021, on accountability journalism projects.

What Should Go in the Trump Time Capsule?

The final episode of “Trump, Inc.” says goodbye to its namesake in the White House by identifying eight objects that symbolize the unique intersection between his presidency and his family business.

Help ProPublica Find the Most Important Stories of 2021

There’s an insurrection, a pandemic and a new administration. There are also issues affecting your cities, your workplaces and your families. Help us decide what to cover this year.

ProPublica Hires Lynn Dombek as Research Editor

Two ProPublica Projects Win Loeb Awards

Millions of Mail-In Votes Have Already Been Cast in Battleground States. Track Their Progress Here.

ProPublica and The Guardian are tracking mail-in votes in battleground states — how many have been requested, how many have been returned and how many have been rejected.

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