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Methodology: Tax Avoidance Has a Heartbeat

U.S. Rep. Weber Says He’ll Work on Bill to Speed Hurricane Protection Plan

The Texas Republican will introduce a companion to a Senate bill filed this week seeking to expedite a hurricane protection plan for Houston.

Sen. Cornyn Files Bill to Speed Texas Hurricane Study

The Texas senator has proposed a bill to speed up the process of protecting Houston from a devastating hurricane.

NY Lawmakers Discuss Tougher Oversight for Nurses

Legislators are looking for ways to close gaps exposed by a recent ProPublica investigation. New York does less than other states to check nurses’ criminal backgrounds and often is slow to discipline licensees for lapses in care.

ProPublica Wins Third Pulitzer Prize for ‘An Unbelievable Story of Rape’

T. Christian Miller, a senior reporter for ProPublica, and Ken Armstrong, a writer for The Marshall Project, won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting for their harrowing account of the hunt for a serial rapist.

Cuomo Floats Reforming Oversight of New York Nurses

The governor said he was open to changes after a ProPublica investigation found dangerous gaps in the oversight of the state’s nurses.

Video: Discussing the Brussels Attacks

‘We’re Sitting Ducks’

Houston, home to millions of people and one of the largest shipping lanes in the world, is unprepared for the hurricane that could bring ecological and economic disaster.

Remember That CEO Pay Cap? It’s Even Less Effective Than We Knew

Companies are increasingly using pay-for-performance to get around a $1 million federal limit on tax deductions for executive compensation.

Coming Thursday: Hell and High Water

This Thursday, ProPublica and the Texas Tribune investigate the Houston Ship Channel and its vulnerability to hurricanes.

Listen to Our Collaboration with ‘This American Life’

“An Anatomy of Doubt,” a young woman’s story of rape and redemption, debuts Friday.

‘Bridge of Spies’: The True Story is Even Stranger Than Fiction

Steven Spielberg’s movie captures the essence of the Cold War in the tale of a man whose “legend” was so encompassing, U.S. agents did not learn his true identity until the Soviet Union started to collapse.

The Executive Pay Cap That Backfired

A while back, Congress voted to curb soaring compensation for corporate officers by limiting tax deductions. Here’s how it went wrong.

How We Analyzed Executive Pay

The Diplomat and the Killer

In December of 1980, Salvadoran soldiers brutally raped and murdered four American churchwomen. A young U.S. diplomat singlehandedly cracked the case, cultivating an improbable source who risked everything to gather the key evidence.

NYC Mayor Wants ‘Due Process,’ But Doesn’t Object to Secret Orders Tossing Tenants

The mayor's office also said there would be a review of the NYPD’s nuisance abatement program, but later clarified it would be by the same agency that has been approving the filings.

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