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Who are ProPublicans?

ProPublicans are smart, generous, discerning readers who believe that fact-based journalism matters, and they donate money to make sure that ProPublica remains financially healthy. It doesn’t take much to become a ProPublican — even a $1 donation will make you one.

Why should I join?

We’re a nonprofit newsroom, and most of our revenue comes from individuals. That’s a good thing — as you might have heard, journalism is in crisis, and for-profit news outlets have been having a hard time over the last many years. But a nonprofit model works well, and ProPublica is on solid ground, thanks to the generosity of ProPublicans. Even better, it means we’re independent and mission-driven, beholden to no corporate entity and no individual owner.

Why does ProPublica need money?

Journalism, especially investigative journalism (the kind ProPublica is known for) is expensive. It’s time-consuming, and well-researched, and that makes it hard to fund and prioritize for many newsrooms. But that doesn’t make it less important. It’s one of the key ways in which we can shine a light on abuse and corruption — and hold people in power accountable. ProPublica has one of the largest investigative reporting staffs in the country, powered by donations from ProPublicans.

How is my donation spent?

The vast bulk of the money we spend goes straight into producing world-class journalism — in fact, we’re known for turning the traditional publishing model on its head. A typical newspaper puts about 15% of its spending directly into news (paper, ink and delivery are very expensive). By contrast, ProPublica puts 75% of every dollar directly into our stories.

And we think it’s money well-spent. We’ve won seven Pulitzer Prizes. We keep careful track of the impact of our reporting and we’ve been able to shine some much needed light on abuses of power and public trust.

How many ProPublicans are there?

Right now, there are about 40,000 ProPublicans, from the United States and all over the world. The average amount is just about $100, but there’s no minimum donation to become a ProPublican.

Any benefits to being a ProPublican?

Yes: a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that you did something good, and are part of something special. Every time you read a ProPublica story, every time we earn an award, every time we report on impact — pat yourself on the back because it’s all made possible through the generosity of ProPublicans like you.

Convinced? Join us here.

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