Chasing an Edge

Investigating Drug Use in Track and Field

ProPublica is examining doping and unorthodox medicine in the big-money world of professional sports, and why it’s so hard to police.

Doctor’s Records in U.S. Doping Investigation Don’t Match Patients’ Copies

Houston endocrinologist Jeffrey Brown was also part of a 2015 investigation by ProPublica and the BBC of the Nike Oregon Project and coach Alberto Salazar.

On Eve of Olympics, Top Investigator Details Secret Efforts to Undermine Russian Doping Probe

In an exclusive interview, the former chief investigator of the World Anti-Doping Agency said his efforts to investigate state-sponsored doping in Russia were repeatedly thwarted by WADA’s own president.

How Russia Hid Its Doping in Plain Sight

A World Anti-Doping Agency report alleges widespread, widely accepted doping in track and field.

The Human Reasons Why Athletes Who Dope Get Away With It

The logistics of drug testing, and the reliance on the competence and thoroughness of each country’s efforts, makes catching cheaters extra difficult.

Speed Bumps: Why It’s So Hard to Catch Cheaters in Track and Field

A cache of leaked blood tests showed hundreds of track athletes have recorded results “suggestive of doping.” With the 2015 world track championships about to start, a look at why anti-doping tests are so ineffective.

Alberto Salazar Disputes Allegations — Some of Which Were Never Made

In a lengthy response to stories by ProPublica and the BBC, Salazar addresses the allegations of former athletes and staff that he broke drug rules.

More Athletes Say Track Coach Alberto Salazar Broke Drug Rules

Following an investigation by ProPublica and the BBC, other athletes describe pressure to get prescription drugs they didn’t need and Salazar’s top runner flies to Oregon to get answers.

Off Track: Former Team Members Accuse Famed Coach Alberto Salazar of Breaking Drug Rules

Some top runners and others who've worked with Salazar allege that he experimented with testosterone and pressured athletes to use prescription medications they didn't need to gain a performance benefit.

In a Rare Sanction, Top Track Coach Gets Eight-Year Suspension

An arbitration panel handed prominent track coach Jon Drummond a lengthy ban after deciding he transported prohibited substances and encouraged top sprinter Tyson Gay to use them.

Weak Sanction for Sprinter Gay Signals Change in Anti-Doping Tactics

Anti-doping investigators say they would rather trade leniency for information on coaches and other athletes involved in doping

Cheat Sheet: The Tyson Gay File

The web of dubious connections, suspect medicine and outsize risks behind America’s top sprinter’s failed drug test and ruined reputation.

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