Cold Justice

The Outrage and Promise of Untested DNA From Rape Victims

Starting in the 1970s, a Baltimore doctor quietly preserved DNA evidence from rape victims, believing science would eventually catch up. Much of it would sit for decades, ignored and unused, until a trailblazing detective and her cold-case team uncovered its secrets.

“A Horror Movie in Reverse”: How I Investigated Decades of Untested Rape Kits

Reporter Catherine Rentz goes behind the scenes of her serialized investigation into the outrage and promise of untested DNA from rape victims.

“This Is How You Get Your Power Back”

Police had long since destroyed the evidence from their cases. Decades later, a group of women got a second chance at justice.

“You Save as Long as You Have To”

Distressed by authorities’ poor treatment of rape victims and destruction of evidence, one doctor became a DNA archivist long before we had the technology to test it. For potentially hundreds of survivors, his faith in science is paying off.

“Who Is This Monster?”

She went undercover to catch a rapist. Two decades later, she finally got her chance.

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