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Analysis of Illinois’ Political Issues and Personalities

When it comes to politics, there’s nowhere like Illinois. Throughout the election season, ProPublica Illinois reporter and political junkie Mick Dumke will analyze the state’s political issues and personalities in this occasional column.

Impact of Our Reporting

Politic-IL Insider

Chicago’s Inspector General Finds the City’s Gang Database Is Riddled With Errors

The database has been accessed more than 1 million times, including some 32,000 times by immigration officials. Police said they will fix the database but not erase it.

Politic-IL Insider

Cook County Takes Steps to Erase Its Regional Gang Database

Commissioners are set to pass a law banning the database and requiring it to be destroyed.

Politic-IL Insider

A Political Boss Goes Down

Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios, one of the last leaders of the old Democratic machine, loses the Democratic primary to a wealthy political newcomer.

When Is a Meeting Not a Meeting and a Lawmaker Not a Lawmaker? When It’s Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago.

As Trump Calls for Law and Order, Can Chicago’s Top Prosecutor Beat the Charge That She’s Soft on Crime?

In Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago, Bridges Have Become Barricades

Bill Barr Has Done This Before

Leaked Recordings Reveal Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Firmly in Charge and City Alderman Left Largely on the Sidelines

The Chicago Housing Authority Was Slow to Protect Residents During the Coronavirus Outbreak

During Tuesday’s Illinois Primary, Chicago Alderman and Former Firefighter Nicholas Sposato Delivered Pizzas at the Polls as His Ward Office Remained Open

Promises, Tamales and Even Truth-Telling: Chicago’s Mayoral Race Hits the Final Stretch

Chicago’s Election Signals Break from the Past — in Wards and at City Hall

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office Says Its Gang Database Is on Lockdown, but Questions Remain

The Laquan McDonald Shooting Keeps Exposing Critical Flaws in Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act

The Election Is Over. And Now the Next Elections Begin.

In Illinois Governor’s Race, Rauner and Pritzker See a Clear Need to Promise Transparency

Note to the Next Mayor: Chicago Is a City of the World, But We Want the Neighborhoods Fixed, Too

Protests and Blaming the Media. Sound Familiar? That Was During the ’68 Democratic National Convention.

Illinois House Candidate Will Walk for Votes — And Has To

Like Chicago Police, Cook County and Illinois Officials Track Thousands of People in Gang Databases

The Administration of Mayor Rahm Emanuel Keeps Monitoring Protesters

Chicago’s Gang Database Is Full of Errors — And Records We Have Prove It

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan Builds Power From the Ground Up — And Sometimes From the Basement

Win or Lose in GOP Primary for Governor, Jeanne Ives Helps Push Illinois to the Right