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During the year just ending we produced important coverage of subjects ranging from dark money in politics to threats to our drinking water from unregulated injection wells, from racial discrimination and the failures of federal housing policy to the search for justice after a massacre in Guatemala, and from systemic flaws in foreclosure relief efforts to the looming crisis in student loans.

In each of these areas, ProPublica told important stories no one else would, or could. And we did so with an eye to impact, to spurring reform—the kind of reform that results in fewer dangerous scanners in airports, tougher oversight of the federal program protecting wild horses, and a possible overhaul of the system for awarding presidential pardons.

That is the kind of journalism your support makes possible. To do even more of it in 2013, to continue to push for accountability and transparency, to effect even greater change, we need your help. If you've made your year-end contribution already, thank you. Otherwise, please click here to join us in this work. Thank you.

Clarence L Jones

Dec. 27, 2012, 3:50 p.m.

Tired of all this propaganda from the left and the right , you profess to be what ? non partisan. I doubt that from first appearance you appear to be no different than than that leftist rag and if you’r are different then what are you? a clone of Fox news.  the article about dark money, a new issue? No, how about the democrats dark money,oh it doesn’t exist? sure it exist . Run an article describing how both parties exist on dark money and I might believe you. till then you’re nothing but a propaganda arm for one party or the other. Meanwhile the country goes down the tubes, but hey you’re side is winning long live the progressive dictatorship heading our way.

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