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Sebastian Jones

Sebastian Jones was an intern at ProPublica. He has written for The Nation and contributed to the websites of Harper’s and The American Prospect.


New Democrat Coalition Loses Big in Midterms

The business-friendly New Democrat Coalition will likely lose a third of its members when the last votes are finally tallied.

The New Democrats: The Coalition Pharma and Wall Street Love

The lobbyist-funded New Democrat Coalition uses the Republican playbook to bolster business interests in Congress.

Is your member of Congress a New Democrat?

We've pulled together a quick cheat sheet with some basic information about each of the group's 69 member's district, voting record and campaign funders.

Investigations You Need to Read: Tuesday, May 18

Investigations You Need to Read: Thursday

Investigations You Need To Read: Tuesday

Investigations You Need to Read: Wednesday

Investigations You Need to Read: Tuesday

Contrary to Citizens United Opinion, Campaign Contribution Records Lack Transparency

Tracing who gave money to candidates to attend the Springsteen fundraisers is nearly impossible, even with open campaign finance records.

Investigations You Need to Read: Thursday

Revised Tax-Cut Figure Pushes Stimulus Spending Higher

Some $378 billion of the roughly $800 billion stimulus package has now moved into the economy.

Lobbyists and Lawmakers Bond During Springsteen Concerts

Congressmen hold fundraisers in skyboxes rented from groups with business before their committees.

Stimulus Spending Update: $329 Billion Out the Door

More than 41 percent of the stimulus package has entered the economy.

Off the Radar: Private Planes Hidden From Public View

Among the private planes whose flights aren’t shown on public tracking sites are those of politicians, business execs and even news organizations.

Stimulus Spending Update: Nearly 41% of Funds Out the Door

Roughly $327 billion of the nearly $800 billion stimulus package has now been spent.

PR Firm Behind Propaganda Videos Wins Stimulus Contract

A PR firm hired to persuade patients that health information systems can protect their privacy has a checkered past.

Stimulus Spending Update: $324 Billion of Recovery Act Funds Spent

META: About 40 percent of the nearly $800 billion in stimulus funds has been spent, according to

$321 Billion in Stimulus Funding is Out the Door

Pfizer CEO Gets Pay Raise for Influencing Public Policy

A Pfizer proxy statement praises Jeff Kindler's efforts to block the importation of cheaper drugs.

With Travel Expenses, Some in Congress Keep the Change

Lawmakers don't always return their unused spending allowances after traveling abroad.