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Frustrated Oil Spill Claimants Consider Alternative Compensation Fund

Some claimants, frustrated by the wait in their applications for funds in the Gulf Coast to be adjudicated by claims czar Kenneth Feinberg, are turning to a little-known alternative fund administered by the Coast Guard.


Local residents stand outside the Gulf Coast Claims Facility on Aug. 23, 2010, in New Orleans, La. Frustrated by delays at the facility, some claimants are applying to an alternative fund, the Coast Guard's National Pollution Funds Center. (Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Sept. 24: This post has been corrected.

One month after independent paymaster Kenneth Feinberg took control of managing Gulf spill damage claims, many claimants at his Gulf Coast Claims Facility are still awaiting a response to their applications. As these delays cause increasing frustration and financial hardship, interest is growing in a little-known alternative fund that handles oil spill claims -- the Coast Guard's National Pollution Funds Center.

Claimants who have applied to the Coast Guard's fund have reported swift intake of their claims and direct contact with their adjusters. But the fund is available only to applicants whose claims have been rejected or who have waited at least 90 days after applying without a decision, and has narrower eligibility guidelines and less money available than Feinberg's operation.

"If someone's not happy, they can submit a claim to us," said Tom Morrison, the chief of the Claims Adjudication Division at the Coast Guard's fund. But he cautioned that his decisions would not necessarily be any more generous than those reached by Feinberg, and that certain types of claims considered by Feinberg, such as physical injuries and health problems, will not be accepted by his office.

The Coast Guard's fund was created by a 1990 federal law passed in the wake of Exxon Valdez disaster, which established new regulations and liabilities for oil companies that cause spills. The law says that a spill victim with a damage claim first must approach the responsible party -- in this case, BP, which since Aug. 23 has been represented by Feinberg's operation. A claimant can file with the Coast Guard's fund only if the claim is denied, underpaid, or if no decision is made for at least 90 days. Here's more about how the process works (PDF).

Once the 90 days have passed, a claimant can then apply to the Coast Guard and have the application considered simultaneously by both funds. The claimant can also apply for the Coast Guard’s fund to pay the balance of partially paid requests, although claims cannot be paid double. The Coast Guard's fund pays claims from its own reserves, which are supported by a 5-cent-a-barrel tax on the U.S. oil industry, but then sends the bill for what it paid out to the company that caused the spill. In this case, BP may pay this bill from the $20 billion escrow account that it has agreed to set up to pay claims, lawsuits and cleanup costs.

The fund did not provide information on how many claims it had received or paid out for the Gulf oil spill.

Richard Reynolds, who filed a claim with BP in June for losses on real estate investments in the Florida Keys, did not get a decision from BP. He re-filed on Aug. 23 with Feinberg's fund, but has been told for weeks that his claim is "under review."

On Sept. 6, when 90 days had elapsed after his initial submission, Reynolds filed his claim with the Coast Guard's fund. Though he hasn't gotten a decision, Reynolds says he is encouraged by his interactions with the fund.

"I have a specific claims adjuster," Reynolds said. "I can call them up any time and talk to them about my claim."

Although Reynolds and another claimant who has filed with the Coast Guard's fund report better service, there are other aspects of the fund that raise concerns for potential applicants.

One is its small staff. According to the chief of its programs branch, John Baker, the fund has only 11 full-time employees handling claims. Baker said the organization was expecting more claims from the Gulf spill and was hiring contractors to help, but the number indicates an operation with a small fraction of Feinberg's capacity.

"If a significant number of people present claims they're going to be overwhelmed," said Mike Dekema, a claims management consultant with 30 years of experience in the industry.

Another concern is the cap of $1 billion that the fund will pay out for any single spill -- which again leaves it with a small proportion of the capacity of Feinberg's operation. Projections indicate the fund should currently have $1.35 billion available in reserves (PDF). Feinberg draws from BP's $20 billion escrow account, and has no cap on the amount of damage payments that he can award.

Dekema said that if the Coast Guard's fund paid certain classes of claimants differently from Feinberg, applicants in those groups should strategically decide where to apply. Tom Morrison, the fund's chief claims adjuster, said only that his office is guided strictly by the 1990 federal law; Feinberg's operation has its own protocol, which in some areas goes beyond this law. Feinberg's organization did not respond to requests for comment on this issue.

Outside any differences in judgments, Dekema said that response time would largely be determined by capacity. "What it's really going to come down to is who's got the resources to handle this huge volume of claims," he said.

Correction: This post incorrectly stated that claimants could not receive payments from both Kenneth Feinberg’s operation and the Coast Guard’s National Pollution Funds Center. While claims cannot be paid double, a claimant can seek additional payment from the Coast Guard’s fund if they feel they have been underpaid by Feinberg.

i filed with the coast guard. I was told the process had harder criteria to meet but at least they know what that criteria is and it does not sound hard to me. they also have some power to push the GCCF. I have had a great experience with the coast guard on this. they tell me payment would be around the 15th of next mount which is a long time almost 25 days from when i filed but im on day 33 34ish with the gccf. and nothing not even a we will know soon. the coast guard will say that they have a higher standard but i mostly think its becuse they read what ken finburge says in the papers. “Send in a letter from a priest and you will get paid in 2 days”.
I sent in a lot more then that i also sent in a eviction notice for the building i run my business out of. i was told this would speed up the claim i did that last Monday 10 days ago. im evicted today. I have no faith in the GCCF ever doing what is right. on the other hand i know the coast guard will be fair even if they cant be fast not that the alternative is fast. if you don’t like the way the gccf is handling you call the coast guard my claims adjuster there is the nicest guy ever.   
also if you file with the coast guard you can still collect from the gccf you just have to let them know if you get paid.
I was also told it is bad for the GCCF because the coast guard charges them to process it,
I was also told it makes Feinburg look really bad if he is bypassed by the government.
I think everyone should do this. at minimum its a great back up plan and a billion dollars is 3 times more than the GCCF has issued

I have started with the paperwork with the NPFC and I’m more than pleased with the response and kind friendly voice on the other end of the phone line.  I put 100% trust in the fairness of the NPFC over GCCF.  I feel the NPFC is more qualified to handle claims.  All Feinberg is qualified to handle is ....... um…  hum….... well….........oh geez i can’t think of anything…

Richard Reynolds

Sep. 23, 2010, 11:46 a.m.

Great Story, Sasha! Thanks!

If everyone can make GCCF realize that the USCG OPA Fund WILL SETTLE ON THIER BEHALF, it will only expedite your claims! Don’t wait any longer, the GCCF is a setup to delay, delay, delay and hope you go away, away, away!!!

The important thing to understand is that feinberg is going to force you into a final settlement after paying the 6 months claims. After that. No more money. The NPFC can pay you for monthly losses for three years. So if you get your funds from Feinberg and he doesn’t continue to pay interim payments (allowed under OPA) then the NPFC can compensate you (particularly next year when most of us are uncertain as to what will happen) month to month as you incur losses, and you will not have to be forced to settle.
Feinberg and BP do not want you going to the NPFC, they want to force you to settle and not sue.

im afraid the NPFC might only pay claims to those directly impacted by oil and not those who have suffered damages due to a decrease in tourism

unfortunately sasha didnt directly address this issue in his interview

to O—-
im in a similar situation with a pending eviction and loss of my entire business as the leased location was the business.  Its amazing that feinberg doesnt realize that once you lose your business your claim now goes from lost earnings to the lost value of the business and all lost future earnings.  we do over $1,000,000 in sales a year so our claim goes from $100,000 to over $500,000.  It might take us years to get compensation but we will prevail whether its through NPFC, GCCFs final payment, or a class action lawsuit.  He must assume that businesses our size are going to come up with their financing on their own to stay in business but in our case its not going to happen

I just visited the NPFC website and it is pretty clear that they will only pay for lost profits (in relation to a small hotel dependent on tourism)- they will not pay for lost revenue. So, those Florida hotels that have their peak profitable season in the winter and their slow money-losing season in the summer will NOT qualify, despite the fact that we have lost over $51,000 in revenue. If GCCF doesn’t pay us soon, we will be out of business and probably have to join a class action for the loss of the entire business and the foreclosure of the property.

i sent this to kenneth fieberg today                       US DISTRICT COURT
                    MIDDLE DISTRICT OF FLORIDA

                        Sam M. Gibbons U.S. Courthouse
                        801 North Florida Avenue
                          Tampa, Florida 33602
                                                    September 22, 2010

                                                    CASE NO.
Darryl Lee Haan
12604 Hicks rd
Hudson , Florida 34669
    727-856-3038                   Claim no. 1123040


Gulf Coast Claims Facility
Kenneth R. Feinberg, Administrator
P.O. Box 9658
Dublin, OH 43017-4958    





Pursuant to OPA, the responsible party or the responsible party’s guarantor is liable to a claimant for interest on the amount paid in satisfaction of a claim. The period for which interest shall be paid is the period beginning on the 30th day following the date on which the claim is presented to the responsible party or guarantor and ending on the date on which the claim is paid. However, if in any period a claimant is not paid due to reasons beyond the control of the responsible party, no interest shall accrue during that period. Here, GCCF will argue that the “insufficient documentation” submitted by the claimant was beyond BP’s control.


) A third delaying tactic is a requirement by BP for claimants who seek lost profits to demonstrate that their loss was caused by damage or loss to property or resources “that are used by the Claimant.” This is in violation of OPA. Damages “equal to the loss of profits or impairment of earning capacity due to the injury, destruction, or loss of real property, personal property, or natural resources” are recoverable by any claimant against the responsible party under OPA. 33 U.S.C. § 2702(b)(2)(E). Moreover, “the responsible party is liable for damages that result from such incident.” See 33 U.S.C. § 2702(a)


A single six month emergency payment for lost income is in violation of OPA. Moreover, the lack of a procedure for the payment or settlement of claims for interim, short-term damages beyond 90 days, as required by 33 U.S.C. § 2705, is also in violation of OPA.


) Profits and Earning Capacity
Damages equal to the loss of profits or impairment of earning capacity due to the injury, destruction, or loss of real property, personal property, or natural resources, which shall be recoverable by any claimant. 33 U.S.C. § 2702(b)(2)(

GCCF will operate for three years. Feinberg explains the compensation plan includes two components: a no-obligation six month emergency payment for lost income and a final lump-sum payment with acceptance of release for BP. A claim for the six month emergency payment must be made within 90 days from the day the well is capped. If claimants choose to accept the second and final GCCF offer, they waive any right to bring further court proceedings against BP


Therefore , Plaintiff , asks for the Injunction Order and seizure of Assets be

Granted on the grounds of none- payment to Plaintiff on Claim no. 1123040

Of the BP Oil Well Explosion .

September 22, 2010
                                        DARRYL LEE HAAN


i agree with al t. I had my business appraised at 4.2 million in December and i have $500,000 in owed services. because they did not pay me by today 33 days after i filed with a 7 day promise now i have to file a total loss claim for 4.7 million. my claim for 6 mouths was $52,000 . I have a law firm filing my claim now for a total loss but why didn’t they have the foresight to handle these faster i told them it would happen i sent them proof it would happen and they did not care. I got a check from bp in 45 minutes. im serious i walked in with my bank statements and they wrote me a check in the Fu@@in office right there. I LOVED THE BP CLAIMS PROCESS. They cared and they kept me in businesses. The gccf does not care and has put me out of businesses. and now i have to claim almost 5 million dollars that is 96 times my claim amount. That money could have helped 96 others like me. but because they did not act and did not care it will cost them a ton.
Bp said 20 billion would be enough not if they keep this up.

Here is the head line of the day!

ORANGE BEACH, Alabama - After reading his morning paper Orange Beach mayor Tony Kennon knew what he had to do. “I’ve been on the phone with the white house and they are concerned and they want to know what’s going on.”
Feinberg is quoted as saying he’s satisfied his worst critic when it comes to the claims process. “This statement in the newspaper this morning shows it I don’t care what those bunch of dumb hicks down south say I’m gonna do what I want to do.”
Which prompted the phone call. “I’ve expressed to Valarie Jarrett Obama’s advisor, President Obama is the only one that I feel like can step in and make something happen.”
Kennon believes that instead of keeping promises he made in Orange Beach Feinberg is playing a numbers game and the numbers just aren’t adding up for businesses along the gulf coast.
“What he’s done is started making more claims payments and rallying around that as a success. But, like we told him in the meeting making quick payments means nothing if your are not making adequate payments. 5 cents on the dollar, I don’t care how fast it gets too me, if I need 70 cents on the dollar to survive you’ve done me no good.”
Kennon says he is representing Alabama’s beaches, not just Orange Beach and Gulf Shores and he will fight for the area as long it takes. “I don’t like some slick New York City lawyer coming down here trying to take advantage of us. It’s personal. It’s me against a bully. Its just the way I see it, I’m not giving up.
In the four weeks the Gulf Coast Claims Facility has been open just under 300 million dollars has been paid in claims. Of that, 67 point 6 million dollars has gone to Alabama.

william woodham

Sep. 23, 2010, 7:34 p.m.

AT LAST!!!! the gccf has paid my claim.After25 days of checking and calling it is posted as claim paid on website

william woodham,

When did you file your claim with GCCF? My husband filed his claim on 08/30/2010 and we are still sitting in review status and the sad part is we were already receiving funds from BP for lost wages and now It’s been over 7 weeks and we have not received anything.

william woodham

Sep. 23, 2010, 8:51 p.m.

I flied my claim on aug.31 bit i had a claim with bp before gccf took over.everyone PLEASE DO NOTGIVE UP fight for what is rightfully YOURS

Filed my first claim in june with bp.  On monday 8/23 at 12:01 am I filed my claim with gccf:  emergency claim for lost wages.  After 31 days no response at all from anyone…..


Darryl -

I noticed you are in Hudson, FL. We are located in Holiday, FL.(Small World!!!) I have spoken with several claimants and some of them have filed after we have and never filed a claim with BP and they have already been paid. I am not sure what is taken GCCF so long to process the claims. As they have received all the information from BP when we originally filed our claim back in July and started to receive funds. Plus I have sent them additional information since we filed with GCCF on 08/30/2010 and every week since we have filed to show the additional loss of income. My last email to them advised that if we don’t have have a response by the 27th of Sept. I was going to start looking for an attorney and file suit. Seems like BP just passed the buck off to GCCF and they are taking their sweet time to pay people who have legitimate claims.

well, i did get my check from gccf. a whopping 1000.00 on a $26000 claim. no one is available to dispute the amount and when i call, all they tell me is that i have no other recourse except to file for a final payment. well, with the amount they decided for me with the emergency claim, i guess i’m going to file for $85 mil for the final claim. Bp was paying me over $2700 a month and feinberg repeatedly said he was going to be more generous. he’s a liar, and a theif(feinberg). it’s obvious he’s stealing the money. he should be held accountable for fraud, ebezzlement, etc. i wish there were a way to hold him accountable. hopefully BP will realize that feinberg is actually going to force people to sue them.. i’m going to look into this new fund. thanks to everyone who is bring it to light.

william woodham

Sep. 24, 2010, 8:49 a.m.

i filed my claim with bp back in May of this year,filed my claim with gccf in was approved yesterday,but i have not recieved the check yet, Iunderstand a lot of you are store owners and seafood prossers i myself am a sword and tuna fisherman,i understand your frustration about the gccf,isay to all you good peopleout there dont give up call the coast guard fund @202-493-6856, or the top dog himself Tom Morrison@202-493-6831,i myself talked to him last week about this fund i wish i could be of more help GOD BLESS william woodham

Richard lost money on his real estate investments in the Florida Keys??????  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!  People in the northern Gulf Coast WHERE THE OIL ACTUALLY HIT are losing homes businesses and are having trouble feeding thier families.  Claims like Richard’s are jamming up the system so those of us with real, legitimate losses due to the toxic, oily crap I picked up across the street from my business have to wait longer.  Most everyone agrees bp paid IF you had a legitimate claim, the gccf has not, but please Sasha, you could have picked a better example.

Well, I took the advice of another claimant and wrote directly to a manager at the Garden City Group last Friday and sent in “proof of hardship” documents (cancellations, late notices, etc)  I did get a return email & subsequent phone call the following Monday. She did get my file in expedited status by contacting her directly. Mind you, I sent the exact same info to the GCCF and never got any response from them. After my claim went into expedited status on Monday, I finally got a payment via wire transfer on Wednesday. The Garden City Group manager called me late Wednesday night to tell me that my claim had been processed, approved and PAID!!  I was so happy & relieved but then she told me how much they had paid on my claim,... It was 40% of my claim. So, my “victory” is bitter sweet. While the short payment has given me some immediate financial relief, it in no way “makes me whole” as BP has promised and keeps barraging us with in their false PR ad campaigns. So, I can make it for 2 1/2 months, maybe 3 if I’m lucky, nowhere near the 6 months promised. The Garden City Group manager told me that I could not appeal to them for getting the payment corrected but that I could get it corrected in my “final claim”. I told her that was all well & good but that the final claims aren’t even being looked at or processed until all of the emergency assistance claims have been worked through and based on there current processing rate, that will be 6 months from now. My claim was very clear and well documented with letters from my employer, 3 years earnings proof, SIMPLE - SIMPLE!  I worked as a supervisor in a seafood processing plant, by the hour, still 100% laid off. I told her that what they paid me did not even cover a reg 40 hr work week at my hourly rate for six months and could she please explain to me how they came up with the amount that they paid me - she could not. So, I’m wondering if I can file with the Coast Guard still if I only got 40% of my claim paid?  I am grateful that I’m not going to be evicted now (at least for the next 2 months) and I feel horribly bad for all of you who still have received nothing…I’m fortunate I know….but like I said, it’s bitter-sweet.

i think its becoming clear what feinbergs strategy is for the GCCF.  he really has no interest in making people or businesses whole for their damages.  they are just issueing partial payments no matter how concise the documentation.  with no ability to know how they calculated your payment and no appeal his strategy is to get everyone backed up to the final payment category.  there he can hold everyones claim hostage until they give in for a reduced settlement and wont be able to sue BP.  its looking more clearly that the class action lawsuits are the way to get truly compensated for your damages although feinberg continues to say that is what he is trying to prevent.

cjusti, that is a legal court document, waiting to be filed , its a letter intend to file, a notice to kenneth fieberg and his legal team, i have filed my claim with bp in june and in august 23 the day they took over, i have been under review for a month now, i paid 5,000 for a training school to build ships, ordered by unemployment in jan 2010, now i lost all jobs for over 50,000 to 100,000 to start at, i have no way of paying for training again , and my bills,my claim is a little claim for 6 months so ican start over, and the final payment would get me back into a home off the streets and back to work somewhere doing something else, cause now the ship building is gone,and will be for a long time untill our government backs off the oil companys and shipping companys, i get 200 dollars a month for food , thats it, i have been on this for 7 months now, they took my truck , my house is going to be taken real soon,. anyday, i have to walk anywhere i go, im, 45 years old , i have to start all over again, from nothing, but my cloths, laywers only want big dollars claims, so the rest of us are shit out of luck, this federal injunction order is real, i have filed one before on gov crist when he was attorney general, it still stands today against him, i pray for all of us.

hi every one i have advice. I called the garden city group and at 614-289-5400 this is the company who handles the claims for Feinburg.
there are executives there who are over the claims process that can help you. it may take a few times to get through to them but call also ask for human resources and complain about any bad treatment you have revived when you do this film the call and post it. I have just done this and i spoke to a guy over the adjusters he made someone look at my claim right then. there are a few of these guys so ask for anyone not in the claim center who can help.
This company handles the claims not feinburge they should be pushd

I called the 614 number and all they do is pass you back to the Feibergs   toll free number.
There are no executives or managers their.

as far as i know this letter was just made public today.  the obama administration is finally getting involved

I also received a check from GCCF, a fraction of what I actually lost.  My cleaning partner, we clean as a team, received 3 times the amount I did even though are claims were identical.  I am 56, she is 29.  This was the only difference.  If you notice in the claimant’s rights section, they do not list age as something they don’t discriminate against.  I have been back and forth with the GCCF and they will no longer deny they don’t discriminate against age.  So, if you have not received a check, or have gotten a fraction of what you asked for, consider your age as part of the equation. I guess they are waiting for us older folks to die or get sick from the oil mixed with Corexit here on the Gulf Coast.  Someone I know already has cancer cells in her blood.  It’s scary out there.

Oh, and in addition, my cleaning partner and I lost our jobs on Thursday because we wanted Hazmat gloves, masks and eyewear to clean the degraded oil.  OSHA had said we had a right to protect ourselves.  Our employer sent us to a company Doctor, gave us a DRUG TEST for illegal drugs, which we both passed, the Doctor told us our coughs and lesions were not work related and sent us on our way.  We worked for MEYER REAL ESTATE SERVICE, in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  It’s not only scary down here, it’s down right dirty!

Why does the NPFC and GCCF only pay for lost profits rather than lost revenue?

Small businesses which are dependent upon tourism and that can legitimately prove their lost revenue should be entitled to recuperation.  Let’s face it most incoming revenues pay for our monthly expenses (rent, electricity, etc), and the small amount left over, even if, is our profit.  Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s all they want to pay you.  The tax man, among others, could give a crap less about your difficulties.  Of course it’s in their best interest to lowball the initial claim, because they realize businesses are hurting and it helps their main objective of having you submit a final claim.  This is a major injustice and unfortunately many businesses in gulf coast communities, particularly Gulf Shores AL, will close their doors.  The Oil Spill is old news and rarely mentioned in the press and media.  Therefore, we must voice our opinions through outlets such as this one and others.  Don’t lie down and take this s#!t.

I dredge in the three states Miss., Al, and La. I lost my job due to the oil spill. Several others worked with me and they have been paid from Bp. I have not received a cent.

Well who was the lady that posted the number for number to The Garden City Group 614-289-5400. Thank you…My husband was finally able to get someone of the phone with them and we found out the adjuster that is working on my husbands claim. Now maybe we will be able to get somewhere. I also was able to send her an email directly. I will post an update as soon as I have more information.


I called that number and it is a new york number. press 2 if I wanted the Ohio place. What did your huband choose as an option 1 2 or 3. We are getting very desperate as we cannot get caught up with the bills and our credit rating now is so low we could never get a loan. If anyone can help

If you call the 614-289-5400 number it is directed to New York and yes he then was directed to an adjuster at the Ohio Office. My husband told the operator that he wanted to speak with someone that was processing his claim. He was tired of rude customer service reps at the call center and needed help from someone not in the call center. They gave him adjuster’s name and extension number and transferred him to Mrs. Miller’s voice mail. He called several times today and each time was directed that she is the adjuster that he needed to speak with regarding his claim. Then I called back around 3:30 today and got her email address and sent her an email. It was late in the afternoon but at least we have a direct contact now. I am going to call everyday until his claim is completed. Keep trying you will get through…

Thanks so much cjusti



Yesterday, 6:54 p.m.

I called that number and it is a new york number. press 2 if I wanted the Ohio place. What did your huband choose as an option 1 2 or 3. We are getting very desperate as we cannot get caught up with the bills and our credit rating now is so low we could never get a loan. If anyone can help

I called this number and they said they are not taking calls on claims now. They told me to call the GCCF. I called twice to Dublin and nothing.


Update…I called Garden City today and demanded to speak with someone. I told them I have contacted an attorney(which we have) regarding our claim and unless we start getting assistance on it we are filing suit. I was transferred to Danielle Miller who is apparently the girl that has been reviewing our claim. Danielle gave me given another name Mark Wasserman. He is “I guess” the guy that makes the decision on what the dollar amount is that we will get paid.  Danielle took my cell number and told me that someone would call me back. About 15 mins later I received a call from a women Stacy from the called Center she said that Danielle is a co-worker in her office.She apologized for the delay in my husbands claim. Because the claim was in my husbands name they conferences him in on the call. We were then told that because of our zip code and his employers zip code were out of the area of the spill zone and that was the reason our claim has not been processed. I was then asked to email or fax over default notices from and any bill collector. So I email and faxed over Mortgage Notices, Car Loan notices, Electric Notices, House Phone late notice, Cell Number Late notice and much more. Not sure why I was asked for this considering his pay stubs show his lack of income because of this spill. But I did it anyway. Then she told us that she was going to expedite our claim and have some review our claim again. She also said that someone would be getting back with us with in 48-72 hours. At this point I don’t believe a word they say and as far as the amount that we ‘MIGHT” get paid. I have this feeling that it will not be a whole lot. One thing I can say is that the conversation with the attorney has confirmed that what GCCF is paying claims in small amount for emergency claims and then forcing final payments afterwords. At this point anything will help us, we are behind on everything. Before this spill my husband was working 50-60 hours a week and now he is lucky if he gets 25-30. As far as what we are going to do…Well, we will except whatever Emergency payment they give us but we are using an attorney for the final payment. At this point everyone should. Otherwise you will be left with getting dirt once GCCF is finished.

Iwren: What number did you call for the president office to talk to Valarie Jarrett the president advisior.

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