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Got Student Loans? Share Your Documents With Us

We need your help. The Chronicle of Higher Education and ProPublica have teamed up to untangle student debt, and we're seeking information colleges or universities gave you about your loans and other financial aid. We're also creating a Facebook community for people who are struggling with student debt, want to help inform our reporting, or just want to learn more about student loans and keep abreast of new developments.

Specifically, we're looking for the "financial aid package," "award letter" or "offer letter" that you received from a college — the one you’re going to or ones that you decided not to go to.

We won’t use your name or details that might identify you without first contacting you and getting your permission. We’ve done this before, and it has helped our reporting immensely.

You can send us the information in any way that's convenient for you. For example, if you received an old-fashioned, hard-copy letter, you can scan it and email it to us at, or you can snap a photo and send us the digital picture. If you were directed to a website, you can take a screen shot (here are instructions for how to do that on a PC and on a Mac) and email that to us. Or you can print out the form and snail-mail it to:

Marian Wang
One Exchange Plaza
55 Broadway
23rd Floor
New York, NY 10006

We hope you'll help us out. We've often heard students tell us that they're confused about how much debt they've taken on, surprised by the size of their monthly payments, or unsure about even the kind of loans they have. By sending in your financial aid package, you can help us see what students and families are being told — and not told — about the debt they're taking on.

Thank you in advance!

I didn’t end up actually accepting the loans due to my scholarship money and family support, but I’ve been offered loans every year by the in-state public university I go to and have the financial aid “award letters” and emails I received (all online).

Would my documents be helpful?

Hi tdov,

Definitely. The more insight we can get into what various schools’ award letters look like, the better.

Thanks for offering.


I no longer have my reward letter, but almost 7 years after leaving school, I am still struggling to pay off my loans. I’ve gone through forebearance, deferment and default because the cost of paying them back was too high. I am now in a federally backed re-payment program. Any help I can give, I will be more than happy to.


May 29, 2012, 11:14 p.m.

I have eight pages of financial aid info in my general catalog 2008 from an online university which I read once, four years ago, or not.

I might have signed it but confindence of recollection is zero.

Graduated in 18 months, as promised. 

Owe: an arm and a leg, or perhaps a kidney.

tdov, I applaud the opportunies ahead of you.  Go for it!

A cynic might propose you are wealthy or a recipient of generous entitlements.  But both might be in err.

Are you in fact a paid for ALEC cronie? 

Just askin’.  Peace.

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