Voice of America to Cut Language Services

Correction, July 9, 2008: This post originally described a reduction to seven language services. It has been changed to clearly indicate that it is VOA's radio services that are being cut. Also the post originally referred to cuts in the Tibetan services, which were only slated for reductions.

Alhurra's Baghdad Bureau Mired in Controversy

Correction, July 8, 2008: This article originally referred to a "business manager, who approves checks, pays bill and sends thick envelopes of petty cash to Baghdad each month." The practice of sending cash from the U.S. is no longer in effect.

Correction, July 8, 2008: This post originally misidentified the senior American diplomat who wrote an e-mail critical of Alhurra. He was Christopher Ross, not Christopher Hill.

BBG Responds to ProPublica's Alhurra Investigation -- And We Have Some Questions for Them

Correction, June 30, 2008: This post originally stated that Alhurra had not received a "clean" financial audit. It has received such audits.

Alhurra Paid Former White House Aides, Washington Journalists

Correction, June 24, 2008: This article misstated the amount Amity Shlaes received $500 for an appearance on Alhurra. She received $300.

Lost in Translation: Alhurra -- America's Troubled Effort to Win Middle East Hearts and Minds

Correction, June 22, 2008: This post originally stated that Alhurra president Brian Conniff "sat in on a morning editorial meeting" conducted wholly in Arabic. Conniff actually stood outside the door of the room where the meeting was conducted. Also, an e-mail from Alberto Fernandez was incorrectly stated as being sent to Under Secretary of State Karen Hughes in May 2007. It was sent in March 2007. The story also incorrectly stated that according to one set of ratings, "Alhurra is the number four network in Iraq, behind Al-Jazeera, and two others." While Alhurra is number four, it ranks ahead of Al-Jazeera in those ratings. Finally, the story also incorrectly stated that James Glassman served for six months as chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. He actually served for one year.

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