The Case That Made an Ex-ICE Attorney Realize the Government Was Relying on False “Evidence” Against Migrants

Correction, Aug. 13, 2019: This story originally misidentified one of the workplaces of the parents of Laura Peña’s friends at school. They worked for Immigration and Naturalization Services, a precursor of ICE, not ICE.

Trump Called Baltimore “Vermin Infested” While the Federal Government Fails to Clean Up Rodents in Subsidized Housing

Correction, Aug. 16, 2019: This story originally misidentified the agency that employs an inspector who helped Tiffany Ralph. The inspector works for Baltimore City, not the Housing Authority of Baltimore City.

From Truck Stops to Elections, a River of Gambling Money Is Flooding Waukegan

Correction, Aug. 9, 2019: This story originally misidentified James Parks as an employee of the Village of Antioch. He no longer works for the village.

Clergy Abused an Entire Generation in This Village. With New Traumas, Justice Remains Elusive.

Correction, July 26, 2019: A photo caption originally misidentified the location of a Catholic church. It is in Stebbins, not St. Michael.

We Found Photos of Ole Miss Students Posing With Guns in Front of a Shot-Up Emmett Till Memorial. Now They Face a Possible Civil Rights Investigation.

Correction, July 26, 2019: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that a photo of three fraternity brothers in front of a shot-up Emmett Till memorial sign had received 274 likes on Instagram. It had received 247 likes within a day of being posted.

Correction, July 25, 2019: An earlier version of this story misidentified John Lowe as holding an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Lowe is squatting beneath the sign without a rifle.

Federal Election Agency, Hungry for Funds, Now Pays for Officials to Get to Office

Correction, July 19, 2019: This story originally misstated the political affiliation of DeForest “Buster” Soaries Jr. He is a Republican, not a Democrat.

Deadly Delays in Jail Construction Cost Lives and Dollars Across California

Correction, July 19, 2019: This story originally misidentified Steve Meinrath, who worked for nearly a decade as legal counsel for the California Legislature, as having helped draft jail construction legislation. He worked with the Senate Public Safety Committee when the legislation passed, but he did not contribute to its drafting.

The Nonprofit Hospital That Makes Millions, Owns a Collection Agency and Relentlessly Sues the Poor

Correction, July 1, 2019: This story originally misstated the cost of Carrie Barrett’s two-night hospital stay. It was $12,019, not $12,109.

California Legislators Urge Caution, but Greenlight a Plan That Could Lead to the Widespread Use of Forestry Offsets

Correction, July 2, 2019: This story originally misstated which legislators visited Acre, Brazil. The group did not include Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia.

“No More Silence”: Her Kidnapping, Sexual Assault and Murder Stunned a Town, and Started a Movement

Correction, June 4, 2019: This story originally misspelled the last name of a woman who has worked with kids in Kotzebue for 16 years. She is Mandy Hill, not Hall.

Separated by Design: How Some of America’s Richest Towns Fight Affordable Housing

Correction, May 22, 2019: This story originally misstated the circumstances surrounding the rejection of a proposal to build 167 units for seniors. The Representative Town Meeting voted to approve the application, but it was short of the 2/3 vote needed to override the Planning and Zoning Commission’s rejection. The Representative Town Meeting did not reject the proposal.

NYU Hires Law Firm to Investigate Behavior of Steinhardt, a Prominent Donor

Correction, May 13, 2019: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that a $10 million gift was the largest N.Y.U. had ever received. It was the largest gift that the graduate school of education had ever received.

More Than Me Still Lacks Adequate Systems to Protect Children in Its Care, New Report Says

Correction, May 10, 2019: This story originally misstated when a second More Than Me staff member accused of sexual assault was able to escape. It was three years before the release of McLane Middleton's audit report, not four.

Kentucky’s $1.5 Billion Information Highway to Nowhere

Correction, Oct. 30, 2019: A photo caption with this story originally misstated which project required a mule team and about five years to complete. It is a Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative project, not a KentuckyWired one.

You Can’t Tax the Rich Without the IRS

Correction, May 5, 2019: This story originally misstated the impact of the president’s 2020 budget proposal to add $15 billion over 10 years to the IRS enforcement budget. It would add more than the agency’s current budget, not more than double the agency’s overall budget.

How Companies and Allies of One Powerful Democrat Got $1.1 Billion in Tax Breaks

Correction, May 3, 2019: This story originally misstated the circumstances in which the EDA approved a tax credit for the nonprofit Cooper Health System, chaired by George E. Norcross III. The application was approved two months after Gov. Chris Christie signed a new law that made it more lucrative for nonprofits to take part in the program. Nonprofits were made eligible for the program in the original legislation the previous year.

Correction, Dec. 20, 2019: This story originally misstated the amount of a tax break related to a luxury apartment building in Camden. The project received an $18.1 million award, not a $20.4 million award. The New Jersey Economic Development Authority initially approved $20.4 million in tax credits, but it ultimately reduced the award after the size of the development shrunk.

The Salty Curmudgeon and the BIC

Correction, April 25, 2019: An email version of this story incorrectly paraphrased Cmdr. Sean Babbitt describing the direction that a young officer turned the USS Fitzgerald. The officer turned the ship to the left, not the right.

Women Who Worked with Billionaire Philanthropist Michael Steinhardt Say He Asked for Sex

Correction, March 21, 2019: This story originally misspelled the given name of Sheila Katz’s lawyer. She is Debra Katz, not Deborah.

Facebook and Twitter Turned to TurboVote to Drive Registrations. Officials Want Them to Turn Away.

Correction, March 20, 2019: This story originally overstated the number of states where members of the National Association of Secretaries of State oversee elections. It is in 40 states, not all 50.

Correction, March 11, 2019: This story originally misidentified TurboVote as the nonprofit organization behind a voter registration effort endorsed by Facebook and Twitter during the 2018 election. Democracy Works is the name of the organization; TurboVote is a website run by Democracy Works.

Kentucky Secretary of State Staff Searched Voting Records for Investigators and Rivals, Records Show

Correction, March 6, 2019: This story originally misstated whose search logs were released. It was those of Mary Sue Helm, Lindsay Hughes Thurston and Erica Gaylon, not just Helm and Thurston.

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