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Liz Moughon is a cinematographer from Tennessee based in New York City. With a background in photojournalism, she is drawn to stories about healing from loss and spaces of commonality in America’s polarized society. Her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and NPR, and she has received recognition from the Northern California Emmys, NPPA Best of Photojournalism, White House News Photographers Association and Hearst Journalism Awards. She is an alum of Ohio University, the Danish School of Media and Journalism and the Eddie Adams Workshop.

This School for Autistic Youth Can Cost $573,200 a Year. It Operates With Little Oversight, and Students Have Suffered.

No state agency has authority over Shrub Oak, one of the country's most expensive therapeutic boarding schools. As a result, parents and staff have nowhere to report bruised students and medication mix-ups.

FDA Repeatedly Rejected Safety Claims Made by Philips After the CPAP Recall but Waited to Alert the Public, Emails Show

As Philips reassured patients that millions of recalled machines were safe, internal emails show federal regulators privately told the company its testing didn’t account for the impact of long-term harm from tainted devices.

How Patients and Doctors Are Navigating the Fallout of the Massive Recall of Philips Breathing Machines

ProPublica journalist and filmmaker Liz Moughon on making a documentary that captures the impossible choices facing sleep apnea patients who relied on the dangerous Philips DreamStation breathing machines.

Philips Recalled Breathing Machines in 2021. Chemicals of “Concern” Found in Replacement Machines Raised New Alarm.

Amid a massive recall in 2021, the medical device maker Philips raced to overcome troubling questions about its replacement machines as customers waited for help.

“With Every Breath” Captures the Human Toll of Philips’ Failure to Disclose Dangerous Defects of Its CPAP Devices

A new short documentary from ProPublica and the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette follows patients and a doctor navigating the fallout of the massive recall of Philips breathing machines.

Millions of People Used Tainted Breathing Machines. The FDA Failed to Use Its Power to Protect Them.

The FDA’s complaint-tracking system for medical devices allowed Philips to obscure when it knew about dangerous CPAPs. New reporting shows the regulatory lapses extend to many devices and companies.

People Who Used Recalled Philips Breathing Machines Face Painful Choices

The devices at their bedsides were lifelines, until they learned the foam inside could break down and make them sick. Now, they’re plagued by illness, lost sleep and worry.

Philips Kept Complaints About Dangerous Breathing Machines Secret While Company Profits Soared

Tainted CPAP machines and ventilators went to children, the elderly and at least 700,000 veterans despite internal warnings. Company insiders said the devices posed an “unacceptable” risk.

Las Vegas Needs to Save Water. It Won’t Find It in Lawns.

Drought-plagued Nevada pledged to do away with 3,900 acres of grass in the Las Vegas area within six years, but a ProPublica analysis found that the state grossly overestimated how much of that grass would likely be removed.

The True Dangers of Long Trains

Trains are getting longer. Railroads are getting richer. But these “monster trains” are jumping off of tracks across America and regulators are doing little to curb the risk.

The Cold War Legacy Lurking in U.S. Groundwater

For the first time, ProPublica has cataloged cleanup efforts at the 50-plus sites where uranium was processed to fuel the nation’s nuclear arsenal. Even after regulators say cleanup is complete, polluted water and sickness are often left behind.

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