This year, ProPublica increased its commitment to local journalism with the launch of a Southwest office. In 2022, the nonprofit news organization will augment its coverage of this growing and vital region by hiring freelance journalists to produce three ambitious accountability projects in Colorado.

Here’s what journalists submitting proposals should know.

We’re looking for investigations that have the potential to be revelatory, not ones that merely build on work that’s already being done. The investigation should have the potential to trigger needed reforms by identifying a problem, who’s responsible and what should change. The investigation should also have a clear connection to Colorado, while illuminating an issue of broader relevance. Be prepared to explain why this investigation is best done in Colorado.

In addition, applicants should detail, as much as is possible at the outset of an investigation, what it will require — data work, travel, obtaining public records. It’s also important for us to know what data, documents and/or source relationships the reporter already has. Include, if any, specific story ideas that would be part of the investigation.

We pay competitive freelance rates, including covering reporting expenses, which vary depending on the size and scope of the project.

We will accept applications on a rolling basis. Email your proposal to Southwest editor Michael Squires at [email protected].