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Freddie Mac

Playing the Mortgage Market

The taxpayer-owned mortgage giant made investments that profited if borrowers stayed stuck in high-interest loans while making it harder for them to get out of those loans.

Unraveling the Freddie-Fannie Tangle

The taxpayer-backed mortgage giants, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, play a huge and growing role in the economy yet are riven by conflicts of interest and clashing goals. We examined the problems and solutions.

We've Nationalized the Home Mortgage Market. Now What?

The home loan market was nationalized in a slapdash fashion and is now riven by conflicts of interest and competing goals. To solve it, a consensus is forming to head down the path of the least resistance but greatest risk.

Why Freddie Mac Resisted Refis

Freddie officials wanted to protect the company's bottom line and some sought to nix a backdoor economic stimulus. The consequence: Homeowners stayed trapped in high-rate loans.

Are White House Housing Plans Really Stymied by the Regulator For Freddie and Fannie?

The head of the FHFA has steadfastly opposed principal reductions, which the Obama administration supports. Can the White House replace him?

Fannie and Freddie: Slashing Mortgages Is Good Business

Adding an explosive new dimension to a politically charged debate on how to solve the housing crisis, the mortgage giants say that reducing the amount of money troubled homeowners owe wouldn't just keep families in their homes, it would also save Freddie and Fannie money.

Senators Slam Freddie on Bets Against Homeowners

There is increasing scrutiny in Washington on Freddie's risky investments.

Meet the Obscure Federal Regulator Who's Not Helping Homeowners

Our reading guide on the head of the regulatory agency that oversees Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae — who's putting profits (and repaying taxpayers) ahead of homeowners.

Senator Demands Answers from Freddie Mac’s Regulator

Sen. Robert Casey, D-Pa., today sent a series of questions to Freddie’s regulator, highlighting how much remains unknown about the mortgage giant’s controversial bets against American homeowners.

Freddie Mac’s Regulator Says Trades Were Shut Down Because They Were “Risky”

In aletter to Senator Robert Casey, the Federal Housing Finance Agency said ithalted mortgage giant Freddie Mac’s controversial trades because they required specializedrisk management.

Why Fannie and Freddie Are Hesitating to Help Homeowners

We explain Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae's role in the housing market, and why it seems as if their actions often go against the interests of homeowners.

Bets Against Homeowners Must Stop, Freddie Mac Was Told

After an examination by its regulator, Freddie agreed not to make new investments that profited from homeowners staying trapped in high interest-rate mortgages. But Freddie has kept billions worth of those investments.

Freddie Mac Bets Against American Homeowners

The taxpayer-owned mortgage giant made investments that profited if borrowers stayed stuck in high-interest loans while making it harder for them to get out of those loans.

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