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Gutting the IRS

Who Wins When a Crucial Agency Is Defunded

A multiyear campaign to slash the IRS budget has left it understaffed and on the defensive. That’s been good news for tax cheats, the rich, and big corporations — but not for the poor.

Impact of Our Reporting

Gutting the IRS

Senators Question KPMG Role in Microsoft Profit-Shifting Scheme

The giant consulting firm proposed that Microsoft transfer billions in profits to a small factory in Puerto Rico. The step initially saved the software company billions — then led to an IRS audit and a bill for $28.9 billion in back taxes.

Gutting the IRS

Lawmakers Just Confronted the IRS Over Tax Audits That Target the Poor

Following up on ProPublica stories about the IRS, lawmakers pressed the commissioner on the agency’s disproportionate focus on auditing the working poor while examinations of the rich plummeted.

Gutting the IRS

Alabama Senator to the IRS: Stop Picking on the South

Why are the rural poor audited more frequently than other groups, he asks, citing ProPublica. Another Democratic senator adds, “There are two tax codes in America, and there are also two enforcement regimes.”

Gutting the IRS

Senators Urge IRS to Focus on Big-Time Tax Cheats, Citing ProPublica Stories

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and three fellow senators say the agency should do more to tackle financial crimes, even in the face of crippling budget cuts.

How a Maneuver in Puerto Rico Led to a $29 Billion Tax Bill for Microsoft

Has the IRS Hit Bottom?

Who’s Afraid of the IRS? Not Facebook.

The IRS Decided to Get Tough Against Microsoft. Microsoft Got Tougher.

The IRS Tried to Crack Down on Rich People Using an “Abusive” Tax Deduction. It Hasn’t Gone So Well.

IRS: Sorry, but It’s Just Easier and Cheaper to Audit the Poor

It’s Getting Worse: The IRS Now Audits Poor Americans at About the Same Rate as the Top 1%

¿En qué parte de los Estados Unidos es más probable que el IRS lleve a cabo auditorías?

You Can’t Tax the Rich Without the IRS

¿Qué personas tienen mayor probabilidad de ser sometidas a auditoría? ¿Alguien que gane $20 mil dólares o alguien que gane $400 mil?

How the IRS Gave Up Fighting Political Dark Money Groups

The IRS Tried to Take on the Ultrawealthy. It Didn’t Go Well.

Where in the U.S. Are You Most Likely to Be Audited by the IRS?

Americans Dodge $660 Billion in Taxes Each Year — And It’s Probably Getting Worse

Who’s More Likely to Be Audited: A Person Making $20,000 — or $400,000?

How the IRS Was Gutted

You Don’t Earn Much and You’re Being Audited by the IRS. Now What?

How Are Things at the IRS? Help Us Get the Real Story.

After Budget Cuts, the IRS’ Work Against Tax Cheats Is Facing “Collapse”