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No Sanctuary

The Unshackling of ICE

The Trump administration has unshackled ICE, making all undocumented immigrants fair game for deportation — even those with no criminal records, who have sunk roots into their communities. Nowhere has this new era of enforcement been more ruthless than in Pennsylvania. This is a collaboration with the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Impact of Our Reporting

No Sanctuary

Changes in Police Policy, Payouts to Latino Victims of Traffic Stops and Arrests Following Investigations

The state of Pennsylvania paid $865,000 to settle a federal lawsuit filed in the wake of a 2018 ProPublica investigation of traffic stops of Latino drivers by its state police working with immigration authorities.

No Sanctuary

ACLU Sues Pennsylvania State Police, Alleging They’ve Overstepped in Acting as Immigration Authorities

A federal lawsuit filed on behalf of 10 Latino plaintiffs by the ACLU echoes findings in an investigation published last year by ProPublica and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

No Sanctuary

Pennsylvania Police Now Limited in Flagging Undocumented Immigrants to ICE

The state police just implemented a policy banning some of the most egregious behavior exposed in an investigation last year by ProPublica and The Philadelphia Inquirer, which raised questions of racial profiling and unlawful arrest.

No Sanctuary

Pennsylvania State Police Adding Oversight to Troopers’ Interactions With ICE

Officers must now file a report when they call federal agencies. Meanwhile, Trooper Luke C. Macke continues to detain immigrants for ICE.

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