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Polluter’s Paradise

Environmental Impact in Louisiana

The petrochemical industry has grown in Louisiana, with more plants on the way, but the state’s environmental regulations haven’t kept up.

Air Quality Regulators in “Cancer Alley” Have Fallen Dangerously Behind

Permit for Controversial $9 Billion Plastics Plant in “Chemical Alley” to Be Put on Hold

How Louisiana Lawmakers Stop Residents’ Efforts to Fight Big Oil and Gas

How Oil Companies Avoided Environmental Accountability After 10.8 Million Gallons Spilled

In “Cancer Alley,” Toxic Polluters Face Little Oversight From Environmental Regulators

How an Environmental Regulator Became Known for Protecting Industry

Chemical Companies Are Building Their Plants Overseas and Shipping Them Back In. They Still Get State Tax Breaks.

Health Officials in “Cancer Alley” Will Study if Living Near a Controversial Chemical Plant Causes Cancer

What Could Happen if a $9.4 Billion Chemical Plant Comes to “Cancer Alley”

New EPA Rules Aim to Reduce Toxic Emissions. But Many “Cancer Alley” Chemical Plants Won’t Have to Change.

Even Louisiana’s Wealthier Neighborhoods Can’t Escape Toxic Air in “Cancer Alley”

In a Notoriously Polluted Area of the Country, Massive New Chemical Plants Are Still Moving In

I’ve Investigated Industrial Pollution for 35 Years. We’re Going Backwards.

Why Louisiana’s Air Quality Is Going From Bad to Worse, in 3 Charts

Welcome to “Cancer Alley,” Where Toxic Air Is About to Get Worse

How We Found New Chemical Plants Are Being Built in South Louisiana’s Most Polluted Areas