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Criminal Justice

Post Mortem

Death Investigation in America

A year-long investigation into the nation’s 2,300 coroner and medical examiner offices uncovered a deeply dysfunctional system that quite literally buries its mistakes.

Shake-Up Inside Forensic Credentialing Org

Hidden in a Heart, a Discovery ‘Beyond Belief’

Facing a Second Trial, Ernie Lopez Takes Plea Deal

No Forensic Background? No Problem

California Governor Commutes Sentence in Shaken Baby Case

New Evidence in High Profile Shaken Baby Case

Video: Shirley Ree Smith in Her Own Words

Free, But Not Cleared: Ernie Lopez Comes Home

Pioneering a Way to Distinguish Blood Disorders From Child Abuse

Ernie Lopez to Face Charges Again

Texas Court Voids Conviction in Child Death Case

A Far Cry From 'CSI'

Gone Without a Case: Suspicious Elder Deaths Rarely Investigated

Why Can’t Linda Carswell Get Her Husband’s Heart Back?

Without Autopsies, Hospitals Bury Their Mistakes

Post Mortem: The Story So Far

Q & A: A Prominent Advocate Presses for Better Investigations of Child Deaths

Casey Anthony Trial Shows the Limits of Forensic Science in Proving How a Child Died

The Child Cases

Document Timeline: The Case of Ernie Lopez

The Hardest Cases: When Children Die, Justice Can Be Elusive

NOPD Officers Convicted in Handyman’s Beating Death

NOPD Beating Death Trial Draws to a Close

County Prosecutors Withheld Evidence About Doctor’s Credibility

California County Opens Review Into Autopsies by Doctor With Checkered Past

Autopsy Firm's High Caseloads, Practices Lead to Errors

Without Competition, Private Firm Reaps Millions in Autopsy Work

Autopsies in the U.S.A.

About Our Autopsy Data

The Real 'CSI': How America’s Patchwork System of Death Investigations Puts the Living at Risk

Second Chances Underscore Flaws in Death Investigations