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The Failure Track

Alternative Schools and Accountability

Under pressure to meet accountability standards, school districts dump struggling students into alternative schools that are rife with profiteering, harsh discipline and educational neglect.

Impact of Our Reporting

The Failure Track

Florida to Examine Whether Alternative Charter Schools Underreport Dropouts

State officials are following up on a ProPublica report last month that Orlando uses alternative charter schools to boost ratings and hide dropouts.

Arkansas Spurns Warehousing of Floundering Students

How Students Get Banished to Alternative Schools

For-Profit Schools Reward Students for Referrals and Facebook Endorsements

For-Profit Schools Get State Dollars For Dropouts Who Rarely Drop In

Camelot Under Siege

These For-Profit Schools Are ‘Like a Prison’

‘Alternative’ Education: Using Charter Schools to Hide Dropouts and Game the System

Alternative School Enrollment and Warning Signs