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The Rent Racket

How landlords sidestep tenant protections in New York City.

ProPublica is exploring New York City’s broken rent stabilization system, the tax breaks that underpin it, the regulators who look the other way and the tenants who suffer as a result.

Impact of Our Reporting

The Rent Racket

De Blasio Says ‘Enough is Enough’: Landlords Getting Big Tax Break Must Cap Rent Hikes

The mayor’s statement, publicizing a crackdown on owners of more than 3,000 rental buildings, is his sharpest critique yet of enforcement lapses benefiting scofflaw property owners.

The Rent Racket

NYC To Put 3,000 Landlords On Notice: Comply With Law or Lose Tax Benefits

Reversing years of lax scrutiny, officials are seeking to enforce rent protections tied to the city’s single biggest housing subsidy.

The Rent Racket

NYC Lawmakers Push For Audits of Landlords Who Pocket $1.4 Billion Tax Break

Legislation introduced in City Council on Wednesday would require the city’s housing arm to audit 20 percent of buildings receiving the benefit. Violators would have to return the money.

The Rent Racket

Dozens of New York Officials Support Tenants’ Lawsuit Over Rent Stabilization

Tenants have sued a Lower Manhattan developer, saying their leases should have been rent-stabilized in exchange for the tax breaks their landlord received. State and local officials have now filed a brief supporting the tenants, whose case could affect thousands of rental units.

The Rent Racket

NYC May Actually Crack Down on Developers Who Cheat Taxpayers and Renters

The head of the city’s housing department has laid out steps to boost oversight of tax breaks for developers and other programs overseen by the agency.

The Rent Racket

NY Lawmakers Want Stiffer Penalties for Landlords Who Ignore Rent Limits

A bill introduced in response to ProPublica’s reporting would make landlords liable for up to 10 times the amount of overcharges imposed on tenants in rent-stabilized apartments.

The Rent Racket

NYC Bill Targets Landlords Who Get Tax Breaks, Duck Rent Limits

City Council members propose inventory system and fines for landlords after ProPublica reports that 50,000 apartments aren’t registered for rent regulation as required.

It’s Legal: Some New York Landlords Can Take Tax Breaks Then Raise Rents Without Limit

Many ‘Rent-Stabilized’ NYC Apartments Are Not Really Stabilized. See Where They Are.

Preferential Rents in NYC

New York Landlords Exploit Loophole to Hike Rents Despite Freeze

Gov. Cuomo's New Affordable Housing Proposal Would Make Some Rents Less Affordable

Why Developers of Manhattan Luxury Towers Give Millions to Upstate Candidates

New York City and State Step Up Enforcement of Wage Rules For Luxury Building Workers

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