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The Trade

Hold Companies, Executives and Government Officials Accountable

In this column, co-published with New York Times’ DealBook, Jesse Eisinger monitors the financial markets to hold companies, executives and government officials accountable for their actions.

No, the Banks Aren’t Losing

The Trouble With Disclosure: It Doesn't Work

Rent to Own: Wall Street’s Latest Housing Trick

Obama Stands At Crossroads On Financial Reform

The Wall Street Takeover of Charity

Now What? Failed Allergan Deal Strains Valeant

The Real Roots of Hedge Fund Manager Rage

The Big Bank Backlash Begins

The Fed Hates To Burst Your Bubble

The Sorry State of Bank Apologies

Mary Jo White was Supposed to Turn Around the S.E.C. She Hasn’t.

Nice Little Agency You Got There

Does Valeant’s Cost-Cutting Go Too Far?

BlackRock Doesn’t Need A Scarlet Letter

Seeking Tough Justice, but Settling for Empty Promises

The Justice Department’s Foreign Aggression

Valeant's Sugar Coating Helps its Acquisitions Go Down

The Buck Stops With Obama on Tepid Financial Reform

How the Case Against Bank of America CEO Fizzled

Goldman, the Muppets and the Mystery of ‘Pretty Fishy & Dodgy’ Holdings

When Regulation Threatens, Bankers Predict Doom For Main Street

Lucky Man: CEO's Repeated Good Fortune in Timing Stock Sales

Maintaining Ethics in the Move From Regulator to Regulated

Investors Are Chastened. That’s A Good Thing.

The Problem Is Bigger Than Too Big to Fail

Obama’s Mystery Man for Derivatives

The One Mortgage Fix Washington Isn’t Talking About

Panic, Please.

SEC Wins Big Fine From JPMorgan but Execs Skate Free

A Double Espresso of Questions for Green Mountain

The Bank-Friendly Eighth Governor of the Fed

Finally, Bank Regulators Have Had Enough

Congress Bungles Fannie and Freddie Reform

Why the Shareholder Rescue Never Comes

The Fed’s Credibility Problem

Big Banks are Victims of Their Own Success

Forever Blowing Bubbles

Why Risk Managers Should Be Spymasters

Ixnay on ‘Say on Pay’

Lesson of JPMorgan’s Whale Trade: Nothing Was Learned

Bank of America’s Legal Gambit: Keeping Reserves Low

Friends in Low Places: Where The Real Lobbying Happens

The .03% Solution

Explosive Charge: Morgan Stanley Peddled Security Its Own Employee Called ‘Nuclear Holocaust’

The Latest Myth About the Government’s Mishandling of the Housing Market

From Bernie Madoff to Steven Cohen, Enabling Suspiciously High Returns

New Financial Overseer Looks for Advice in All the Wrong Places

No, Obama Isn’t About to Crack Down on Wall Street

Mortgage Price-Gouging Courtesy of the Bailout

Tax Moochers: Banks

Ad Wars: The SEC Is Turning Hedge Funds Into the New Ginsu Knife

Small Banks Get Theirs Too: Treasury's Quiet Bailout

Why Do We Keep Swooning Over Failed Bankers?

Like Rate-Fixing Scandals? You’ll Love the Credit Default Swap Market

How Shareholders Are Hurting America

Incoming Regulator Promises No More Coddling of Banks

What Did JPMorgan Execs Know and When Did They Know It?

SEC Keeps Ratings Game Rigged

Whale of a Problem: Regulators Subvert Will of Congress

From Big State a Call for Small Banks

Congress's Genius Jobs Plan — for Fraudsters, Shills, and Wall St. Analysts

How to Kill the Volcker Rule: Just Add Fat

The SOX Win: How Financial Regulation Can Work

From CEO to Candidate, Romney Flip-Flops on Debt

Needed: A Cure for a Severe Case of Trialphobia

Wall Street Is Already Occupied

Dodd-Frank’s Derivatives Reforms: Clear as Mud

Why the SEC Won’t Hunt Big Dogs

Trust Bust: Why No One Believes the Banks

A Rogue to the Rescue: UBS Scandal Reinforces Need for Strict Volcker Rule

Tackling Reams of Bank Data Can Take Diligence, and Trust

Bank of America Gets Buffetted

In U.S. Stress Tests, a Tool to Gauge Contagion in Europe

Once Unthinkable, Breakup of Big Banks Now Seems Feasible

In U.S. Monetary Policy, a Boon to Banks

Misdirection in Goldman Sachs’s Housing Short

For One Whistle-Blower, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

For One Whistle-Blower, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

At a Time of Needed Financial Overhaul, a Leadership Vacuum

More Power Over Wall Street, but Little Chance to Discuss It

Vows of Change at Moody’s, but the Flaws Remain the Same

Vows of Change at Moody’s, but the Flaws Remain the Same

In Debate Over Bank Capital Regulation, a Trans-Atlantic Gulf

In Proposed Mortgage Fraud Settlement, a Gift to Big Banks

A Test Where the Banks Had the Questions and the Answers

Credibility Shaken, Hedge Funds Are Punished by Investors

In Postcrisis Report, a Weak Light on Complex Transactions

Goldman’s Self-Help: Eat, Pay, Trade

Standard & Poor’s Triple A Ratings Collapse Again. The Question is Why?

Where Are the Financial Crisis Prosecutions?

Trading for the Client? Or Winning on Its Own?

The Dukes of Moral Hazard: The Dangers of Quantitative Easing