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Racial Justice


A Louisiana Law Department That Polices Itself

The sheriff of Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish answers only to voters. In this conservative suburb, that translates to nearly unchecked power.

Impact of Our Reporting


Louisiana Deputy Who Slammed a Black Woman on the Pavement Was Named in Multiple Suits, Records Show

Julio Alvarado, a Jefferson Parish deputy who was seen on video violently dragging a woman by the hair, has been named in nine federal civil rights lawsuits, all involving the use of excessive force. This is the most of any deputy currently employed.

Local Reporting Network


ACLU Calls On Federal Prosecutors to Investigate the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office

Despite years of complaints against the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, the DOJ has not stepped in to help. Following our investigation, the ACLU renews the call to action and has asked the DOJ to launch an investigation.

Local Reporting Network

Louisiana Sheriff’s Department Settles Two Use-of-Force Cases, Including One in Which an Autistic Teen Died

Louisiana Supreme Court Ruling Overturns Reform Law Intended to Fix “Three-Strikes” Sentences

He Fled a Traffic Stop in Louisiana. Now He’s in Prison for Life.

Feds Say Jefferson Parish Deputies May Have Violated Law in Death of Autistic Teen

Nearly Half of All Sheriffs in Louisiana Are Violating Public Records Laws

A Sheriff in Louisiana Has Been Destroying Records of Deputies’ Alleged Misconduct for Years

Actions of Deputy Who Dragged Woman by Her Hair Deemed “Reasonable and Acceptable”

He Was Filming on His Phone. Then a Deputy Attacked Him and Charged Him With Resisting Arrest.

“If Everybody’s White, There Can’t Be Any Racial Bias”: The Disappearance of Hispanic Drivers From Traffic Records

Three Children Attacked a Black Woman. A Sheriff’s Deputy Arrived — and Beat Her More.

“They Saw Me and Thought the Worst”