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Interactive: Track Whether Agencies Are Following Through on President’s Transparency Orders

Our new Transparency Tracker

It’s been one year since President Barack Obama issued memos ordering more transparency in government. Despite a few smudges over the past year, the administration’s transparency record has been a marked improvement over the previous eight years.

Just how much progress has been made? We’ve put together an interactive chart laying out the deadlines for agencies to complete the transparency tasks ordered via memos by President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and the Office of Management and Budget.

Dive into the chart.

But wait! That’s not all. Our Transparency Tracker will show you when federal agencies put up their open government sites, which the OMB directive require by Feb. 6. We’re also watching federal agency Web pages to see when they complete other required tasks, such as putting three “high value” databases on their Web sites.

I want to see his passport, grades, scholarships, and his “long-term” birth certificate made transparent.

No mention of his blatant, public flipflop on the Abu Ghraib photos?

Jen—Cool tool.  I really like it.  At the risk of getting a foot and asking for a mile, is there any way to distinguish from “coming soon” pages that the agency put up as a placeholder and something with more content?  Seems to me that Labor’s work-in-progress page with some data sets and an invitation to help grow the site deserves more credit than Transportation’s “coming soon” page.

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