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Nuke Lab Workers Getting Sick

Thousands of nuclear workers became sick with cancer and other deadly diseases from undisclosed radiation and chemical exposures during the Manhattan Project and Cold War. The government promised to clean up its national laboratories and pay for the damage. Are they living up to those promises?

In an 18-Year-Old Program to Help Ill Nuclear Workers, a Petition Has Lingered for 10 Years

The Los Alamos Lab Worker Who Started a Year Too Late for Benefits

Ill Nuclear Workers’ Benefits Petitions Have to Be Reviewed Within 6 Months. Some Have Languished About a Decade.


Congress Passes Measure to Protect Board that Monitors Nuclear Safety

New Mexico Senators Speak Out Over Order They Say Would Hamper Nuclear Safety Board

Nuclear Safety Board Slams Energy Department Plan to Weaken Oversight

Trump Administration Neuters Nuclear Safety Board

The Government’s New Contractor to Run Los Alamos Includes the Same Manager It Effectively Fired for Safety Problems

Talk to Us About Los Alamos National Laboratory — and Other National Labs Around the Country

Two Leading Bidders for Lucrative Los Alamos Lab Contract Have Checkered Safety Records

Trump’s Labor Department Eviscerates Workplace Safety Panels

Injured Nuclear Workers Finally Had Support. The Trump Administration Has Mothballed It.

Federal Watchdog Identifies New Workplace Safety Problems at Los Alamos Lab