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Homeowner Hell

Investigating Colorado’s Unregulated Homeowners Associations

Nearly half of Colorado lives in neighborhoods governed by homeowners associations, which have the authority to levy fines and even file for foreclosure against residents. Yet the state has done little to ensure that HOAs are not abusing this power.

Are Colorado’s Efforts to Curb HOA Foreclosures Working?

HOA Foreclosures Are a “Lose-Lose” Game for Coloradans, but These Lawyers Win Regardless of the Outcome

Nearly $30K Vanished From the HOA’s Account. The State Can’t Investigate the Management Company.

Colorado Legislature Passes HOA Foreclosure Reform Bill

Colorado HOA Foreclosure Reform Legislation Moves Forward

They Faced Foreclosure Not From Their Mortgage Lender, but From Their HOA

Colorado Homeowners: Do You Have Experience Dealing With an HOA? Help Us Investigate.