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Millions of Breathing Machines. One Dangerous Defect

Philips Respironics received thousands of complaints about a dangerous defect in its breathing machines but kept them secret for years as stock prices soared. The devices, including the popular DreamStation for sleep apnea, went to children, the elderly and veterans before the global giant announced a massive recall.

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With Every Breath

After CPAP Recall, Philips Must Institute New Safeguards in Agreement With U.S. Justice Department

The settlement comes nearly three years after the company acknowledged that an industrial foam fitted inside its machines could degrade and release toxic substances into the masks worn by patients.

With Every Breath

Amid Recall Crisis, Philips Agrees to Stop Selling Sleep Apnea Machines in the United States

The breathing machine manufacturer has faced relentless criticism over its handling of the 2021 recall of millions of devices. Philips must meet the requirements outlined in an agreement with the Justice Department before it can resume sales.

With Every Breath

Congressional Watchdog Will Launch Inquiry Into FDA Oversight of Medical Device Recalls

Sens. Dick Durbin and Richard Blumenthal asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate the regulatory agency, citing ProPublica and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports on the 2021 recall of Philips breathing machines.

With Every Breath

“Unacceptable”: Senators Call on GAO to Probe FDA’s Oversight of Medical Devices, Citing Series on Philips CPAP Recall

Sens. Dick Durbin and Richard Blumenthal sent a letter noting how the agency missed opportunities to protect the public from faulty medical devices, citing reporting by ProPublica and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

With Every Breath

U.S. Senator Expands Call for Crackdown on Philips Respironics

Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s letter to two federal agencies comes after a ProPublica and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette investigation found Philips kept secret thousands of warnings about its tainted breathing machines.

With Every Breath

Senator Calls for DOJ Action Against Philips for Keeping CPAP Machine Complaints Secret

The FDA also said it is “unsatisfied” with the company’s response to the crisis. Share prices dropped in early trading.

Philips Agrees to Pay $1 Billion to Patients Who Say They Were Injured by Breathing Machines

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